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Adele stirs cultural appropriation controversy wearing Bantu knots in latest photo – USA TODAY

Published 8:27 a.m. ET Aug. 31, 2020 | Updated 8:49 a.m. ET Aug. 31, 2020


Adele says Glennon Doyle’s memoir, “Untamed” helped her understand her own happiness. The author thanked Adele on Instagram.


Adele is stirring controversy after posting an Instagram wearing Bantu knots, a traditional African hairstyle.

In the image, the singer, 32, is sporting the hairstyle while wearing a Jamaican flag bikini top, large gold jewelry, yellow feathers and black and white leggings.

“Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London ????” she captioned the image, referencing the carnival that typically takes place during this time as a way to celebrate Caribbean culture and cultural diversity.

The post has gained a lot of attention, garnering over 4 million likes. The reactions range from celebrity support to accusations of cultural appropriation.

Some of her star supporters include actress Lisa Rinna, who wrote, “You just broke that internet Henny. ???” 

Model Naomi Campbell shared some hearts and Jamaican flags: “♥️??♥️??”

Chelsea Handler wrote, “Oh, yeah, baby!”

Zoe Saldana wrote, “You look right at home guurrrl”

Tessa Thompson shared a fire emoji.

Others, however, are telling her “Someone Like You” shouldn’t be wearing the hairstyle.

Drag queen The Vixen tweeted, “Twice this weekend I have seen people do backflips to defend white women in Bantu Knots. If you spent the whole summer posting #blacklivesmatter and don’t see the problem here, you were lying the whole time.”

User @sadhanamoodley wrote, “Seriously Adele… You should know better.”

And while some cheered Adele on in the comment section for cultural appreciation: “Ppl don’t know what cultural appropriation is, she’s obviously celebrating a Carribbean festival, in an appropriate outfit for that festival. She’s not wearing Bantu knots and feathers to go to the beach because it’s really fashionable,” user @kyrstldp wrote.

Others simply expressed shock or confusion.

“This is truly shocking… when did @Adele become @katyperry?” Piers Morgan tweeted.

“This year just won’t let up,” author and poet Saeed Jones tweeted with Adele’s photo. “I am confusion.”

“how are non-Jamaicans getting mad at Adele when Jamaicans aren’t even mad themselves. This is normal carnival attire. Let Adele sing HELLO PON DI ADA SIDE,” user @amouraals tweeted.

And some broke down why they felt it was cultural appropriation. 

“I think the problem is not whether Adele has actually APPROPRIATED culture. It’s more the people that are up her backside for having a basic hairstyle that wouldn’t get the same reaction if on a black woman,” user @yahaelco explained. “Why is a white woman able to get away with a hairstyle and should be ‘given a break’ she’s letting loose and appreciating culture and can still be taken seriously whilst a black woman is not and has been told for years to conform to western beauty standards to be seen as equal and even after conforming is still treated less than, I can see the frustration.”

‘This book will shake your brain’: Adele credits ‘Untamed’ book in leading her to happiness

‘Stupid doesn’t even cut it’: Florence Pugh apologizes for cultural appropriation


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Adele Channels

Adele Channels Beyonce And Disney+’s Black Is King In Awesome New Post – CinemaBlend

Adele in Hello music video

It goes without saying that Beyoncé has given us some spectacular content before, but her latest endeavor, Disney+’s Black Is King, has already taken the world by storm. The visual album has received acclaim from critics and audiences are enamored with the ambitious production. Of course, in the midst of this, fellow artists are also singing Beyoncé’s praises, with Adele becoming one of the latest to do so. And the British singer paid homage to Beyoncé and her work in the best possible way.

This past weekend, Adele posted an image on Instagram in which she sported one of the various outfits Beyoncé wears in Black Is King. In her post, the singer also thanked Beyoncé for making her audiences “feel loved” through her work. You can check out the sweet post below:

Adele couldn’t have picked a better way to pay tribute to the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter. I think most would agree with me when I say it’s always nice to see artists supporting each other’s work.

Originally announced earlier this summer, Black Is King was produced to serve as a visual companion to The Lion King: The Gift, the soundtrack to Disney’s 2019 remake of the animated classic. Beyoncé curated that album and served as a writer, director and producer on Black Is King. In the film, Beyoncé employs extensive African imagery and other musical talents to tell the story of a young king who’s been cast out of his kingdom and goes on a life-changing journey to reclaim his throne.

Of course, in addition to handling the music on The Lion King, Beyoncé also served as the voice of Nala. While doing press for the film, he co-stars spoke on their experiences working with her. Donald Glover, who voiced Simba, admitted that he was intimidated while recording with Beyoncé. This nervous energy also extended to Keegan Michael-Key, who dreaded doing press due to the inevitable questions he would get about working with the starlet.

Thanks to the combined the efforts of Knowles-Carter, her co-stars and the film’s crew, The Lion King would prove to be a box office success, though it would open to mixed reviews. Now, Black Is King is proving to be a successful extension of that film, while skillfully blazing a trail of its own. Some social media users have even gone as far as to say that the visual album should have been the actual Lion King remake.

If you’ve seen Black Is King, it’s easy to understand why Adele and so many others can’t help but heap praise on it. Not only does it feature amazing music and visuals, but the project as a whole puts the spotlight on a rich culture that, in many cases, is overlooked by mainstream society. That in and of itself makes Beyoncé’s latest project a resounding success.

Black Is King is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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Adele Slimmed-down

Slimmed-down Adele is unrecognizable as she praises Beyoncé’s ‘Black is King’ – Page Six

August 1, 2020 | 3:21pm

Adele continues to showcase her recent weight loss in a new social media post praising fellow songstress Beyoncé and her latest visual album, “Black is King.”

Seen wearing the same Marine Serre look as Bey, the fresh-faced, curly-haired diva points to her television while acknowledging the “Queen” in her Saturday afternoon Instagram post, writing “Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art ♥️♥️.”

She was first seen post-weight loss transformation at Drake’s birthday party last October. She then attended a Christmas partyhung out on a beach in Anguilla in January and most recently modeled her 2016 Chloé dress from Glastonbury, highlighting just how much she’s lost — reportedly 98 lbs — over the last four years.

Pete Geracimo, a personal trainer who worked with Adele for four years between 2012 and 2016, called for less judgment of the newly-lithe mom-of-one on his Instagram page, addressing those who may have felt “betrayed” by her fitness goals.

“My hope is that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve herself for the benefit to her and her family only,” he wrote. “She did not lose weight to make others feel bad about themselves.”

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