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Lily Allen marries ‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbour in Vegas wedding – Yahoo News

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Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine trial facing ‘challenge’ as volunteer suffers suspected serious adverse reaction

The Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial is facing a “challenge”, the health secretary has admitted, after it was put on hold due to a suspected serious adverse reaction in one of its volunteers. “As part of the ongoing randomised, controlled global trials of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine, our standard review process was triggered and we voluntarily paused vaccination to allow review of safety data by an independent committee,” a spokesperson for AstraZeneca – the drugmaker working with Oxford University – said. Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News’ Kay Burley programme the pause is not necessarily cause for concern and that it has already overcome one such delay.

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PMQs verdict: Nothing like a warm glass of schadenfreude to cheer up all sides of the House

If you are wondering how badly Sir Keir Starmer wants to be Prime Minister, just listen to his six questions at PMQs today.It’s not what he asked. It’s what he didn’t ask. Here was a distinguished lawyer-MP, someone who has literally upheld the rule of law as DPP, facing a PM who openly plans to rip up international law. Surely Sir Keir could not resist?


Ghislaine Maxwell’s privacy does not justify keeping deposition sealed, Epstein accuser says

A woman who said she was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking told a U.S. appeals court that Ghislaine Maxwell’s desire for privacy failed to justify the continued sealing of a deposition that the British socialite has fought to keep out of the public eye. Lawyers for Virginia Giuffre made the argument in a Wednesday filing with the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, ahead of Sept. 22 oral arguments over the release of materials from her now-settled defamation lawsuit against Maxwell. Many documents from that case were unsealed in July, and Maxwell is appealing U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska’s order to release other materials, including her April 2016 deposition and a deposition by a second Epstein accuser.

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Searches For Long Hairstyles For Men Are Up, Just in Case You Want to Copy These Celebs

According to Pinterest’s Global Beauty Report, searches for “long hairstyles for men” have gone up 25 times in the last few months, meaning that women aren’t the only ones looking for new ways to refresh their look. Whether that increase in interest is because you’re putting off getting a haircut for as long as possible or embracing a new look altogether, opting for a longer hairstyle makes sense for many different reasons. For one, it requires less upkeep than a shorter style which means fewer trips to the hair salon for touch-ups. It also allows for more styling opportunities when it comes to ways to wear it. (Man-bun, anyone?) Ahead, using some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood with long, flowing hair as your inspiration, we’re sharing a handful of long hairstyles for men that you can try this season.

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Sturgeon’s husband claims he never asked what crunch meeting with Salmond at their home was about

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband has told a Holyrood inquiry he knew his wife was meeting Alex Salmond in their home about “something serious” but never asked what. Peter Murrell, who is also the SNP’s chief executive, said he was aware of meetings between his wife and Mr Salmond in April and July 2018, shortly before sexual misconduct allegations became public. But he said Ms Sturgeon told him she could not discuss the details and he accepted this as the “nature of Nicola’s job means that when she tells me she can’t discuss something, I don’t press it.” Mr Murrell insisted he only found out about the allegations in August 2018 when they were reported in the media, despite Ms Sturgeon having known about them for at least four months. He also told the inquiry he was unaware of any instances where a Scottish Government minister had used their SNP email addresses for communicating instead of their government accounts, despite his wife using a party email for out-of-hours work for years. In addition, Mr Murrell said he had “no direct knowledge of” how the complaints against Mr Salmond were handled by the Scottish Government or the former First Minister’s successful judicial review, when the country’s highest civil court found the investigation was unlawful.

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Danish inventor ‘admits murder’ of Swedish journalist on homemade submarine

Peter Madsen, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall aboard his homemade submarine, has admitted to the crime for the first time in a documentary broadcast Wednesday. The 49-year-old inventor, who was interviewed over the phone, answered “yes” when asked by a journalist whether he killed the 30-year-old woman who was interviewing him in August 2017. “There is only one who is guilty, and that is me,” Mr Madsen said in the documentary. During his trial Mr Madsen had insisted that Ms Wall’s death was an accident on his submarine, but he admitted to chopping up her corpse and throwing her body parts into the sea. Ms Wall, an award-winning reporter, had boarded the submarine to interview the eccentric and self-taught engineer for an article she was writing.


Spanish woman arrested for breaching quarantine to go surfing

SHOTLIST SAN SEBASTIAN, BASQUE COUNTRY, SPAINSEPTEMBER 7, 2020SOURCE: TWITTER / @JAVIERSANZRESTRICTIONS: NO RESALE 1. Mid shot the Covid-19 positive person comes out of the water and confronts the police officers2. Mid shot the woman is taken away by the police officers ///———————————————————–AFP TEXT STORY: En Espagne, une surfeuse arrêtée pour ne pas avoir respecté sa quarantaine =(Video)= Saint-Sébastien, Espagne, Sept 9, 2020 (AFP) – Une Espagnole partie surfer alors qu’elle aurait dû être en quarantaine après un test positif au coronavirus a été arrêtée sur une plage de Saint-Sébastien (Nord), selon la police et des images de son arrestation diffusées sur Twitter.Dans cette vidéo, devenue virale en Espagne et mise en ligne lundi par une personne présente sur cette plage, on peut voir la surfeuse rester un moment dans l’eau malgré les appels de plusieurs agents de la police régionale basque lui intimant de sortir de l’eau.”Nous avons reçu un signalement nous indiquant que cette personne était positive, qu’elle était en arrêt maladie et qu’elle était quand même allée surfer”, au lieu de rester chez elle en quarantaine, a indiqué mercredi à l’AFP une porte-parole de la police.Selon l’auteur de la vidéo, cette surfeuse est habituellement secouriste sur la plage de la Concha, la plus célèbre de cette ville du Pays basque.Sur la vidéo, on la voit visiblement contrariée, repoussant de la main un agent masqué muni d’une matraque. Finalement, deux policiers vêtus d’une combinaison intégrale de protection la font sortir de la plage sous le regard médusé des baigneurs.Elle a été “immédiatement” mise à disposition de la justice, a indiqué la porte-parole de la police.L’Espagne a été cette semaine le premier pays d’Europe occidentale à dépasser offciellement la barre des 500.000 cas de Covid-19.avl/mg/sst

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Could pubs and restaurants close again? The current rules and what happens if Covid-19 cases continue rising

Two months after pubs and restaurants were allowed to reopen their doors, albeit with considerable restrictions, the coronavirus rules are set to tighten. At Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s press conference on Wednesday afternoon, it was announced that most social gatherings of more than six people are to be banned in England from Monday. What are the new rules for pubs and restaurants? As part of what Johnson dubbed “the rule of six”, pubs and restaurants will only be able to take bookings of up to six people in line with the new rules on social gatherings in place from Monday September 14. The six can be from multiple households. Hospitality venues can have more than six people inside in total, but customers on individual tables must not exceed that number. The rules differ from previous guidelines in that police have powers to enforce them, and businesses will be expected to as well. Individuals who fail to comply can be handed a £100 fine, doubling with each offence, to a maximum of £3,200. Operators will also be required to collect details for track and trace; previously, it was merely guidance. Business that fail to ensure their premises adhere to the rules face fines. “It raises concerns,” says James Lyon-Shaw, who runs The Drumming Snipe and Greene Oak, in Surrey and Berkshire. “But when you actually digest it, how it affects us specifically, it won’t have a massive impact. From the start we chose not to take tables over six, and we wouldn’t take tables of more than two households.” Lyon-Shaw admits it can be tough to manage, but says it has worked well and the vast majority of guests have been compliant and understanding. He admits it’s difficult to establish who is in a household, and there’s a common misconception that a family counts as a household, even if they don’t live together. Stuart Young runs two pubs in Northumberland, The Blackbird and The Northumberland Arms, and also says he has enforced the guidance. “We get dozens of requests a week for large tables, we’re constantly saying no, and offending people by doing so,” says Young, who was hospitalised with Covid-19. He hopes the change will simplify things, and give pub “a bit more teeth” against customers who wish to flout the rules. Could pubs and restaurants close again? It is possible, though nothing has been announced yet. Local lockdowns and curfews have been enforced throughout the summer, and the most recent, in Bolton, has seen a return to takeaway and delivery only for pubs and restaurants. In Caerphilly, which is run by the devolved Welsh Parliament, hospitality businesses have been allowed to remain open, though operators should check if customers are from the same household.

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Coronavirus UK map: confirmed Covid cases and deaths today

Coronavirus UK map: confirmed Covid cases and deaths todayAre UK coronavirus cases rising in your local area and nationally? Check week-on-week changes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the latest figures from public health authorities

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