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“Basketball Heaven”: Former Bulls Star Reveals Dinner Table Conversations Between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – Essentially Sports

With the release of the most anticipated episodes of ‘The Last Dance’, featuring Kobe Bryant, has given the series an upraise in viewers. Many really didn’t even know about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s close equation. But these episodes have depicted the impact MJ had created on Kobe’s game and their incredible relationship.

While the entire world ways busy comparing the two stars, Jordan and Kobe bonded so well that they refer to each other as brothers. It’s hard to believe coming from such competitive players that they were so close as people. Probably that was the sole reason that Kobe and MJ didn’t want to make it public.

It wasn’t until Jordan himself said at Kobe’s memorial service, “Everyone always wanted to talk about the comparisons between he and I. I just wanted to talk about Kobe,” that many even knew about it. He displayed his affection for the Black Mamba out in the open for the very first time that day.

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In the midst of all this, former Bulls point guard, B.J. Armstrong shared his interesting incident of having dinner with the two legends. Well, it turned out to be a ‘virtual game’ is what he says.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant played a ‘1-on-1’ at dinner

“They were playing a virtual game of 1-on-1 at dinner,” Armstrong told Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press. “I just sat there and listened to them talk about the love they had for the game. They were so sophisticated; they were talking about footwork, how they conditioned themselves, how they would box out. The detail that they had, the respect that they had for the game … I wish I could have seen them play in their prime.”

Armstrong ended up third wheeling at dinner that day since both the mega minds were busy with their imaginative match. Armstrong admitted, “It was chaos and they were in basketball heaven.” Well, they are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, what else do you expect?

Most will see it as a lifetime opportunity for Armstrong to listen to that virtual game of theirs. The technicalities and intricacies of how those minds work that rule the world of basketball. Wow! That would be something for sure!

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