Florida Hangs

Florida Man Hangs On to Hood of Big Rig for Dear Life on Highway – TMZ

Florida Man
Clings to Hood of Big Rig Truck
Hangs on for Dear Life

8/1/2020 1:46 PM PT

Florida man strikes again — only this time, he’s in action hero mode, which looks way more terrifying in real life than it does on the big screen.

This insanity went down Saturday in the Sunshine State somewhere along I-95 — where a big rig was cruising down the highway at a pretty fast clip with a HUMAN BEING stuck on its hood outside … clinging on for dear life.

The driver didn’t seem super agro … trying to shake the guy off by jerking the steering wheel back and forth, and weaving in and out of traffic lanes. The two people who captured this pulled up alongside them — you can hear the guy clinging to the truck scream for help.

It looks like something out of a movie — maybe “Mission: Impossible” or something — but it’s all too real … and it’s freaky AF. What’s even crazier … the driver didn’t stop at first, he just kept on going and tried finding other ways to shake the dude off … like hard braking.

Eventually, it looks like the cops pulled the truck over and got things under control. We don’t know if anyone was cited or arrested. It’s also unclear what triggered this.

Florida, man … they stay wildin’ out there.

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