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USDA issues alert over food possibly containing plastic – WGHP FOX 8 Greensboro


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The US Department of Agriculture has put out a health alert for frozen taquitos and chimichangas that may contain plastic. 

The items could pose a choking hazard. 

Multiple types of beef and chicken taquitos and chimichangas are included in the alert. 

It covers ready-to-eat products containing diced green chilies recalled by the producer, Sun Valley Foods. 

The USDA notice listed select products shipped nationwide under Jose Ole, Casa Mamita and Walmart’s Great Value brand. 

They were made by Ajinomoto Foods North America Incorporated in Lampasas, Texas and San Diego. 

The agency says not to eat the listed products but to throw away or return them.  

There haven’t yet been any confirmed reports of health issues related to eating the products. 

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Hong Kong issues arrest warrant for U.S. citizen under new national security law – NBC News

BEIJING — A U.S. citizen is among six pro-democracy activists to have arrest warrants issued for them by Hong Kong police for suspected violations under a new national security law, Chinese state media reported late Friday.

Samuel Chu, the managing director of the D.C.-based Hong Kong Democracy Council, an advocacy group, wrote on Twitter that he “woke up to media reports that I am a wanted fugitive.”

He added that he had been an American citizen for 25 years.

“If I am targeted, any American/any citizen of any nation who speaks out for Hong Kong can and will be too. We are all Hong Kongers now,” he wrote.

Chu was among six prominent activists named by Chinese broadcaster CCTV and other state media outlets, to have arrest warrants issued for them under the legislation that came into effect on June 30. The individuals were wanted on suspicion of secession or collusion with foreign forces — crimes that the new security law punishes with up to life in prison.

“These are trumped-up charges,” said activist Nathan Law on his Facebook page, after he got news of his arrest warrant.

Law recently fled to Britain from Hong Kong after the security legislation was enacted by Beijing. He briefly met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in London, last month.

“That Hong Kong has no place for even such moderate views like ours underscores the absurdity of Chinese Communist rule,” Law said. Vowing, nonetheless, to continue his “advocacy work overseas” adding that he had already severed communications with his family in Hong Kong for their safety.

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China imposed the contentious security law on its freest city around one month ago, circumventing the local legislature, a move condemned by the U.S. and some Western governments, rights groups and activists in the territory.

Several countries have since suspended their extradition treaties with Hong Kong, including Britain, Australia, and most recently Germany, as a possible safeguard against attempts to use the national security law to round up activists abroad.

Several countries, including the U.K. have offered Hong Kongers an expedited path to full citizenship.

Critics of the security law fear it will crush freedoms in a city that is a global financial hub, while supporters say the legislation is needed to restore stability to the former British colony, after a year of sometimes violent anti-government protests.

Along with Law and Chu, Chinese state media named Wayne Chan Ka-kui, Honcques Laus, Simon Cheng and Ray Wong Toi-yeung as the other four individuals Hong Kong authorities were seeking to arrest.

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper said on Saturday the police notice was the first issued against people who had fled Hong Kong. One commentator told the newspaper that the move sent a clear signal to those who violate the security law that they will be subject to punishment no matter their whereabouts.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said at a press conference Friday that local elections planned for September would be postponed because coronavirus cases have surged.ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP – Getty Images

News of the warrants came hours after Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam delayed upcoming elections for the city’s Legislative Council by a year, citing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Her announcement came around 24 hours after 12 pro-democracy candidates — including prominent activist Joshua Wong — were blocked from standing in the elections for reasons including opposing the national security law. Wong said the move was a further indication of Beijing’s tightening hold on the city.

In response to Lam’s postponement of the election, Germany became the latest country to suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

“We have repeatedly made our expectation clear that China lives up to its legal responsibilities under international law,” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Friday.

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China’s embassy in Germany hit-back condemning Berlin’s decision, saying it grossly interfered with its internal affairs, according to a statement on its website. China “reserves the right to respond further,” the statement added, without elaborating.

Last month, President Trump signed into law a bipartisan bill that sanctions Chinese officials who undermine the rights to free speech and assembly in Hong Kong. Trump also signed an executive order that ended Hong Kong’s special trade treatment, an escalation in an increasingly hostile relationship between Washington and Beijing.

Eric Baculinao reported from Beijing and Adela Suliman from London.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Eric Baculinao

Eric Baculinao is a producer based in Beijing. A long-term resident of Beijing who is fluent in Chinese, Baculiano scans Chinese news daily for hints of major new policy trends and insights into the workings of China’s secretive Communist Party and government leadership.  

Adela SulimanAdela Suliman

Adela Suliman is a London-based writer and reporter for NBC News Digital.

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Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump, asks Interpol to help – Al Jazeera English

Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad.

Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr said on Monday that Trump, along with more than 30 others Iran accuses of involvement in the January 3 attack that killed General Qassem Soleimani, face “murder and terrorism charges”, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported.

Alqasimehr did not identify anyone else sought other than Trump, but stressed Iran would continue to pursue his prosecution even after his presidency ends.

Interpol, based in Lyon, France,  said in a statement that its constitution forbade it to undertake “any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character”.

“Therefore, if or when any such requests were to be sent to the General Secretariat,” it added, “… Interpol would not consider requests of this nature.”

The US’s Iran envoy Brian Hook described the move as a “propaganda stunt”.

“Our assessment is that Interpol does not intervene and issue Red Notices that are based on a political nature,” Hook said at a news conference in Saudi Arabia.

“This is a political nature. This has nothing to do with national security, international peace or promoting stability … It is a propaganda stunt that no-one takes seriously,” he said.

Iran to execute alleged ‘CIA spy’ involved in Soleimani’s killing

Red notice request

Alqasimehr was also quoted as saying Iran had requested a “red notice” be put out for Trump and the others, the highest-level notice issued by Interpol, requesting that seeks the location and arrest of the individual named.

Under a red notice, local authorities make the arrests on behalf of the country that requested it. The notices cannot force countries to arrest or extradite suspects, but can put government leaders on the spot and limit suspects’ travel.

After receiving a request, Interpol meets by committee and discusses whether or not to share the information with its member states. Interpol has no requirement for making any of the notices public, though some do get published on its website.

The US killed General Soleimani, who oversaw the Revolutionary Guard Corps’s expeditionary Quds Force, and others in the January attack near Baghdad International Airport.

The assassination came after months of incidents raising tensions between the two countries and ultimately saw Iran retaliate with a ballistic missile strike targeting American troops in Iraq.

The Soleimani Assassination | Start Here

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Issues Microsoft

Microsoft Issues Stunning Body-Blow To Chrome With Bold New Browser Moves – Forbes

Microsoft’s Edge browser has issued a stunning body-blow to Google Chrome with a bunch of new moves this week.

Microsoft’s Edge is a Google Chrome alternative.

Microsoft’s Edge browser has issued a stunning body-blow to Google Chrome with a bunch of new moves … [+] this week.

SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Microsoft Edge is quickly growing in popularity. It’s already the number two browser behind Google’s Chrome, with many people seeing it as a secure and functional alternative.

This week, Edge has made a raft of moves and added a bunch of new features that aim to grab more share from Chrome as the browser wars heat up.

MORE FROM FORBESMicrosoft Just Made A Major COVID-19 Security Move That Will Impact EveryoneBy Kate O’Flaherty

A welcome Edge surprise in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update

The first major Edge move is a welcome surprise in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update that will hugely improve the performance of your device. In tests so far, devices on the May 2020 Update are showing a memory usage reduction of up to 27% when browsing with Microsoft Edge, the browser’s principal PM manager, Kim Denny wrote in a blog this week.

Google’s Chrome is based on the same Chromium based engine, and it suffers from huge issues with memory usage. The news is that Chrome may grab this feature too, albeit only in Windows 10.  

Another Microsoft move this week will give people another reason to choose Edge over Chrome by bringing the browser to Windows 8 users as well as those still using unsupported Windows 7.

Microsoft does note in its update that this isn’t for enterprise devices, and that Windows 7 support ended in January this year. And Microsoft isn’t forcing you to use the browser—Edge will be pinned to the task bar and add a shortcut to the desktop. It won’t change your default browser or replace Explorer.

Microsoft had already confirmed it would bring Edge to millions by handing its recently launched browser to all Windows 10 users via Windows Update.

Extension-based improvements

Another cool change to Edge is a big update to the extensions store that makes it easier to navigate. The redesign addresses concerns highlighted by users around discovery and usability, Microsoft said in a blog post. 

Last but not least in a related change, there is now another way to add a cool new feature to Edge, albeit not directly in the browser itself. Available in the previous Edge version and now in the new browser via an extension from the Edge add-ons store, the ‘Set Aside’ tabs feature does exactly what it says—you can set aside tabs and start a new session on the browser. You can access these whenever you want.

Microsoft Edge as a secure Chrome alternative 

Microsoft’s revamped Edge only dropped a couple of months ago, but it has been launching new features thick and fast to rival Google Chrome. As part of this, it has added a bunch of working from home features to make your experience using the browser for work and leisure more seamless and secure.

Edge has also brought itself on a par with Chrome with the ability to block annoying notification popups, which can also help improve your security

There are certainly a lot of cool features that either beat or bring Edge on a par with Chrome. So if you’re a Google Chrome user, and you’re looking for a secure but functional alternative with a similar feel, why not try Edge out?

MORE FROM FORBESNew Google Chrome Threat: 32 Million Users Targeted By Stealthy Malware CampaignBy Kate O’Flaherty

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alert Issues

CDC issues new alert to doctors about a mysterious illness linked to coronavirus in kids – FOX 31 Denver


/ Updated:

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent doctors across the nation a health alert Thursday evening. 

The CDC names the illness as the “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children,” or MIS-C, linked to COVID-19 in children. 

“It is currently unknown if multisystem inflammatory syndrome is specific to children or if it also occurs in adults,” the CDC’s alert reads.

The alert gives doctors guidance to look for a fever of a least 100.4 degrees for a least 24 hours, inflammation and hospitalization with organ problems. The alert says that respiratory symptoms were not present in all cases.

“There is limited information currently available about risk factors, pathogenesis, clinical course, and treatment for MIS-C,” explained the alert. “CDC is requesting healthcare providers report suspected cases to public health authorities to better characterize this newly recognized condition in the pediatric population.”

Dr. Sarmistha Hauger, Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Dell Children’s Medical Center, was expecting the guidance from the CDC on Thursday.

No cases of the illness have been reported in Texas.

“It seems like our curve is flattening a bit. So, perhaps, it’s delayed and maybe within the next 30 days or so we might be able to have some cases that may show up,” explained Dr. Hauger. 

Dr. Hauger said the symptoms mimic that of Kawasaki disease, including severe inflammation of the coronary arteries. Dell Children’s treats between 30 to 40 cases a year.

“Maybe red eyes without a lot of drainage, maybe a rash, maybe joint pains that are severe, red lips, swollen hands and feet,” said Dr. Hauger. “Just miserableness and not feeling well. Those are the kinds of things that you should seek care for.”

The CDC says a diagnosis needs to include COVID-19 antigen test; or exposure within the four weeks before symptoms started. 

“Healthcare providers who have cared or are caring for patients younger than 21 years of age meeting MIS-C criteria should report suspected cases to their local, state, or territorial health department,” said the alert. 

Dr. Hauger is encouraging all parents to make sure their kids are up to date on their vaccines, “Our heard immunities decreases not getting immunizations.”

“The vast majority of children are not that ill,” said Dr. Hauger. “The vast majority of children will not get infected. The vast majority of children… even if they’re infected do just fine.”

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Decision Issues

CDC Issues Decision Tools To Guide Reopening : Coronavirus Live Updates – NPR

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released flowchart-like decision tools on Thursday designed to guide businesses, schools, mass transit and other organizations through the process of reopening.

Jon Elswick/AP

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Jon Elswick/AP

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released flowchart-like decision tools on Thursday designed to guide businesses, schools, mass transit and other organizations through the process of reopening.

Jon Elswick/AP

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a set of documents on Thursday designed to provide guidance on how childcare centers, schools, restaurants and bars, and other establishments could begin the process of reopening in the face of coronavirus. The direction comes after calls from lawmakers and state officials mounted for the CDC to weigh in on how regions should reopen their economies.

The decision tools the agency released recommend that all workplaces hold off on reopening unless they are ready to protect employees at higher risk for severe illness, including those 65 and older and people of all ages with underlying medical conditions.

If an organization can protect workers and goes forward with reopening, the CDC recommends intensifying cleaning and sanitation and establishing health and safety actions “as feasible,” such as hand washing, wearing a cloth face covering and social distancing. The documents also advise employers to encourage workers to stay home if they feel sick.

Schools, childcare centers and camps should not reopen, the guidelines stipulate, unless they are able to implement coronavirus screening protocols, evaluating employees and children daily for symptoms and potential past exposures to COVID-19.

Restaurants, bars, mass transit and other workplaces are encouraged to implement similar monitoring systems for their employees. In particular, mass transit should not increase services unless they can put in place measures to protect employees at high risk, according to the CDC.

The flowchart-like documents released by the CDC also ask businesses, schools and workplaces to first and foremost consider whether adherence with the agency’s reopening guidelines is consistent with state and local stay-at-home orders.

“It is important to check with state and local health officials and other partners

to determine the most appropriate actions while adjusting to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community,” the documents say.

Compliance with the CDC direction will depend on whether states adopt the decision tools into their own local policies — and whether the Trump administration supports and promotes the agency’s guidelines.

Last week, the Associated Press obtained an earlier draft of the CDC decision tool documents, which at that time also contained guidance for faith communities. The AP also reported that earlier version would have stipulated that summer camps only reopen if they limited attendance to people who lived in that community.

Those earlier documents did not issue guidance for schools, which the agency specifically addressed in Thursday’s version of the decision tools.

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Coronavirus Issues

Coronavirus in Kids: NYC Issues Alert Amid Fears of Rare Kawasaki Syndrome | NBC New York – NBC New York

NBC New York


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New York City is warning parents about a rare syndrome that has been impacting children infected with the coronavirus. Melissa Russo Reports.


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Emergency Issues

FDA Issues Emergency Authorizations for Antibody Test and NASA Ventilator –

New Total COVID-19 Antibody Test Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization

The FDA has granted Bio-Rad Laboratories Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the company’s severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Total Ab test. This test is the first total antibody test that has received an EUA from the FDA.

The blood-based immunoassay test will be able to help clinicians identify whether an individual has antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus associated with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The test will be available for use both manually or on an automated immunoassay platform.

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FDA Authorizes NASA Developed Ventilator for COVID-19

The FDA has added a ventilator developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to the list of authorized ventilators under the FDA’s ventilator emergency use authorization.

The original emergency use authorization was issued out of concern related to an insufficient supply of FDA-approved ventilators for use in health care settings during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

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