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Motorola Edge Plus battery life test complete: one of the best around – PhoneArena

Motorola Edge Plus battery life test complete: one of the best around

The Motorola Edge Plus is the best smartphone that Motorola has in 2020: exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the United States, the Edge Plus comes with the best processor you can get on an Android phone at the time, the Snapdragon 865, it is equipped with a big 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with gorgeous colors and it’s got a fast, 90Hz refresh rate that makes everything appears extra smooth.

But what about the battery life on the Motorola Edge Plus?

The phone comes with a massive, 5,000mAh battery inside, and that’s one of the biggest battery sizes on a phone this year comparable only to the much more expensive Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Needless to say, we were excited to test the battery life on the Motorola Edge Plus and put it through our extensive PhoneArena battery tests: web browsing, YouTube video streaming and 3D gaming. But first, let’s start with…

Motorola Edge Plus 90Hz vs 60Hz Battery Life tested

While the Motorola Edge Plus is set to work at the smoother 90Hz refresh rate mode, if you want to maximize battery life, you can go into the display settings and change it to a more traditional 60Hz refresh rate.

What effect does this have on battery life? Good news is that it’s not a huge effect: battery life improves by about 5% in our testing, and while it all depends on how you use your phone we definitely don’t see a huge difference in battery life and we would recommend you stick with the much smoother and pleasing 90Hz refresh rate option.

Good news is that the Motorola Edge Plus is also the longest lasting 90Hz phone we have tested so far, beating the OnePlus 8 powered by the same Snapdragon 865 processor but a smaller 4,300mAh battery by a bit.

Motorola Edge Plus YouTube Video Streaming battery life test

While not quite a record holder in YouTube video playback times, the Edge Plus performed very good with video streaming. It was able to last 9 hours and 48 minutes of continuous YouTube video playback, a bit longer than even the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and significantly longer than the Google Pixel 4 XL and iPhone 11.

If you are watching a lot of videos on your phone, the Motorola Edge Plus is a good choice because it will last longer than most.

Motorola Edge Plus 3D Gaming battery test 

We also test 3D gaming, a different and interesting test because it puts the stress on the graphics chip, while the other tests stress the CPU of a phone.

And the Motorola Edge Plus held its ground well with a score of about 8 hours and a half. That’s right in line with the Galaxy S20+, for instance, but noticeably less than rival OnePlus 8 which seems to do better in terms of its power management for gaming. If you are a gamer, you won’t be disappointed with the battery life on the Motorola Edge Plus, but if you want the very best battery life for gaming, the OnePlus 8 might be a better option. You can

read our in-depth dive with the OnePlus 8 here.


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