Dance' Pacers

Pacers fan from ‘The Last Dance’: ‘I just had to get in those players’ heads’ – The Athletic

Kathy Martin Harrison remembers traveling through the Nashville airport in the early 1990s and encountering Pistons Hall of Famer Joe Dumars.

“He sees us and goes, ‘Oh my God, it’s those people from the Pacer games.’”

Dumars and other players from across the league remember her because, for years, she attended Pacers games and made it her mission to yell at opposing teams right in front of her.

The sports world was introduced to Martin Harrison Sunday night. Twice during episode nine of “The Last Dance,” which featured the Pacers pushing the Bulls to a Game 7, she was shown shouting behind the Bulls bench. When the documentary first aired Sunday night, she was home with Mark, her husband of 42 years, and recognized herself right away.

“I loved listening to Reggie,” she says passionately. “I love Reggie. And then all of a sudden they’re showing footage from the game and then ……

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