Police Vietnam

Vietnam police found 320,000 used condoms being cleaned, repackaged for sale – USA TODAY

Associated Press

Published 3:14 p.m. ET Sept. 25, 2020


Authorities say they don’t know how long or how many recycled condoms have made it to market.


HANOI, Vietnam — Vietnamese police said they will investigate a factory that was found recycling about 320,000 used condoms for resale, local media reported Thursday.

Following a tip from a local resident, Binh Duong provincial market inspectors over the weekend raided a factory near Ho Chi Minh City where they found used condoms being repacked for sale at the market, the state-owned Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.

A market inspector said the owner of the factory, a 34-year-old woman, confessed that they bought the used condoms from a man in the province. The condoms were washed, reshaped and packed into plastic packages, the newspaper said.

It said police announced they will investigate and track down others involved in the operation. A call to police for comment was not answered Thursday.

The newspaper quoted a health official as saying the recycled condoms posed an extreme health risk to users.


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Paris Police

Paris Police Suspect Terrorism In Attack Near Former ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Offices – NPR

An officer of the French National Gendarmerie guards an area near the former Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, where two people were wounded Friday in an attack with a sharp object that one witness described as a hatchet.

Arina Lebedeva/TASS/Getty Images

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Arina Lebedeva/TASS/Getty Images

An officer of the French National Gendarmerie guards an area near the former Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, where two people were wounded Friday in an attack with a sharp object that one witness described as a hatchet.

Arina Lebedeva/TASS/Getty Images

Police in France are investigating whether terrorism was the motive for an attack that seriously wounded two people near the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s former Paris offices, where a dozen people were gunned down by Islamist extremists in 2015.

Authorities say they have arrested two people in connection with the assault, which reportedly involved a sharp object that one witness described as a hatchet.

The attack comes as 14 defendants stand trial for aiding and abetting the perpetrators of the Jan. 7, 2015, assault in which brothers Chérif and Said Kouachi — armed with assault rifles, submachine guns, grenades and pistols — stormed the Charlie Hebdo offices, firing on staff. As the two assailants left the scene, they reportedly shouted that they had “avenged the Prophet.” The Yemen-based affiliate of Al-Qaida later claimed responsibility.

While no firm link has yet been established between Friday’s attack and the one in 2015 that killed 10 journalists, a security guard and a police officer, Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said the timing and place of Friday’s attack is why it is being investigated as a possible terrorist act.

Heitz spoke near the scene of the latest attack. He stood alongside French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

ALERTE : Un événement grave a eu lieu à #Paris11, secteur Richard Lenoir.

Les forces de sécurité et de secours sont sur place.

Évitez le secteur et suivez les consignes des autorités.

D’autres informations sont à venir sur ce compte.

— Ministère de l’Intérieur – Alerte (@Beauvau_Alerte) September 25, 2020

“First of all, there’s the location of the attack right here in front of Charlie Hebdo‘s former offices,” Heitz said. “And secondly, it happened at the exact time when the trial of those who may have helped the 2015 attackers is underway.”

Castex told journalists that the two victims’ lives were no longer in danger, “Thank God.”

A journalist in the offices that now house a different news agency saw Friday’s attack from the window and described it as chilling.

“I saw someone in the street with a kind of hatchet, and he attacked two people who were standing in front of the building,” Paul Morreira told French television. “He attacked them with this hatchet and he ran off. We were evacuated by force from the office.”

Charlie Hebdo says it has received new threats since the trial began earlier this month, and it reprinted the offending cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, vowing in an editorial to “never lie down.”

'Charlie Hebdo' To Reprint Muhammad Cartoons As Trial Linked To 2src15 Attack Begins

While there was a muted response to the reprinting of the cartoons from France’s large Muslim community (France’s top Imam told people to ignore the cartoons and focus on the victims), Iran and al-Qaida expressed anger.

The irreverent magazine, which also regularly pillories the Catholic Church, has long lived under a fatwa from extremists. Last week, the head of Charlie Hebdo‘s human resources was exfiltrated from her apartment under police escort after threats to her life were deemed credible.

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Police Seattle

Seattle police officer captured on video riding his bicycle over a protester’s head placed on leave – CNN

(CNN)A Seattle police officer captured on video rolling his bicycle over the head of a protester who was laying in the street is now on administrative leave.

The Seattle Police Department said in a statement Thursday that the actions of the officer — who has not been identified — are being investigated independently by the King County Sheriff’s Office at the department’s request.
Earlier on Thursday, the city’s police watchdog group said it was requesting a criminal investigation.
Video of the incident taken Wednesday night and posted on Twitter shows a protester laying in the street as an officer, who is on foot, rolls his bicycle over the protester’s head and neck area.
The scene is immediately surrounded by nearby officers.
The video and subsequent outrage comes as tensions rise between protesters against systemic racism and police officers, after the Kentucky attorney general announced on Wednesday that no officers would be charged for Breonna Taylor’s death.
Mass protests occurred Wednesday night in cities across the US from Louisville to Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York, as swaths of people congregate to protest and grieve the decision. A number of protesters have been arrested as a result, and demonstrations are expected to continue on Thursday.
From a review of the video, the Seattle Police Department’s Force Investigation Team (FIT) said it had “identified potential violations of SPD policy, as well as potential criminal conduct,” the statement from the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA), the watchdog group, said.
Subsequently, the case was referred to the OPA.
“After further analyzing the video and observing the interviews conducted by FIT, OPA requested that a criminal investigation be conducted,” the statement said.
A CNN email to the Seattle Police Officers Guild seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned.

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Police Vietnam

Police raid in Vietnam finds more than 300,000 used condoms being packed for resale – CBS News

Vietnam police stop resale of used condoms

Vietnam police stop resale of used condoms


Police in Vietnam said they found about 320,000 recycled used condoms that were being repackaged as new, local media reported on Thursday, according to the Associated Press. 

Market inspectors in the Binh Duong province raided a factory near Ho Chi Minh City, where they discovered used condoms being repackaged to be sold at the market. An inspector said the factory’s 34-year-old owner, a woman, confessed they purchased the condoms from someone else, the state-owned Tuoi Tre newspaper reported, according to the AP. 

Vietnam Recycled Condoms
In this image from a video report by VTV, allegedly used condoms are being are being packed for sale in Binh Duong province, Vietnam on September 10, 2020. 


After buying the condoms from a man, they were washed and reshaped, then packed in plastic bags, according to the newspaper.

Video taken by Vietnam’s state broadcaster VTV and obtained by the Reuters news agency shows sacks filled with condoms. It also shows tools apparently used to wash and reshape the condoms in the factory. 

VTV said it was unclear how many used condoms were already resold, according to Reuters.

A health official quoted by Tuoi Tre newspaper said the condoms were an extreme health risk to users, the AP reported. 

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BREAKING: 2 police officers shot in Louisville – Fox News

BREAKING: 2 police officers shot in Louisville – YouTube

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Greek Police

Greek police fire tear gas as refugees demand to leave Lesbos – Al Jazeera English

Greek police fire tear gas as refugees demand to leave Lesbos – YouTube

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Greek Police

Greek police fire teargas at protesting migrants on Lesbos – CNN

Lesbos, Greece (CNN)Police on the Greek island of Lesbos fired tear gas at a group of migrants on Saturday protesting against a new camp being set up to replace one destroyed this week by fire, according to police.

Migrants had been protesting along the main road connecting the island town of Mytilene and the location of the new camp, which is due to be set up by the authorities after the Moria camp was razed earlier this week.
Greek police confirmed the use of tear gas to disperse protesters, saying Saturday, “Small scale clashes between police and protesting migrants took place earlier today.”
About 300 migrants were rehoused to a new camp Saturday, police said.
A journalist on the ground said the migrants were frustrated with being in refugee camps and want to leave the island, but the Greek government said on Friday they would “not be blackmailed” into relocating them.
Greek authorities said the fires at Moria appeared to have been deliberately lit after quarantine rules were imposed on residents who had tested positive for coronavirus at Europe’s largest refugee camp.
One protester had been affected by the teargas and was shouting angrily about her treatment in the camp.
The migrants were chanting “Freedom!” and holding placards that read “no tent, no Lesbos, no Greece,” “we need peace and freedom” and “Moria Kills All Lives.”
Tensions come after four days since fires tore through Moria, Europe’s largest refugee camp, displacing 13,000 people including thousands of children.
Refugees from the camp have been left homeless and hungry after the fires, with some sleeping at roadsides and gas stations while dozens of families took refuge in a nearby cemetery.
Director of the Greek Migration Minister’s office, Konstantinos Kostakos, said authorities would temporarily relocate about 1,000 migrants — particularly those in vulnerable groups — onto a ship that has docked at Sigri, on the western side of the island.

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Police shoot

Police shoot 13-year-old boy with autism several times after mother calls for help – The Guardian

A 13-year-old boy with autism was shot several times by police officers who responded to his home in Salt Lake City after his mother called for help.
Linden Cameron was recovering in a Utah hospital…
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Police Portland

Portland Police arrest multiple protesters during 99th night of unrest – Daily Mail

99 nights of unrest: Portland Police and state troopers clash with protesters overnight and make ‘multiple arrests’ after declaring an unlawful assembly outside police union headquarters

  • Cops declared an unlawful assembly after protesters gathered outside the police union headquarters on Friday night 
  • Demonstrators marched to the facility on N Lombard St where they were met by a line of officers in riot gear 
  • Police ordered protesters to stay off the streets and private property, threatening them with crowd control munitions 
  • By midnight, cops moved in on crowds, pushing them out of the area and detaining multiple people 

By Karen Ruiz For and Reuters

Published: | Updated:

Multiple protesters were arrested in Portland overnight after police declared an unlawful assembly during the 99th consecutive night of unrest in the city.

Chaos erupted outside the Portland Police Association building where a few hundred demonstrators gathered after marching from Kenton Park earlier Friday evening. 

Crowds arrived at N Lombard Street to find cops in riot gear as well as Oregon state troopers waiting outside. 

It marks the first time state police officers were back on the front lines after being withdrawn from the area early last month. 

Scroll down for video 

Portland Police and Oregon state troopers joined forces after chaos broke out between protesters and cops on Friday night

Officers in riot gear made multiple arrests after declaring an unlawful assembly outside the Portland Police Association building on N Lombard Street on Friday 

Police officers used crowd control munitions to disperse protesters after they failed to obey the order and clear the area

A few hundred demonstrators marched to the building earlier Friday night only to be met by dozens of officers waiting outside  

Anti-police protester Addie Mitchell was seen shouting at an officer during a demonstration

Police warned protesters to stay off the streets and private property, threatening them with citations, arrest, the use of tear gas and crowd-control agents. 

The encounter led to a face off with officers, with protesters chanting and tossing balloons, Oregon Live reported.

Just before midnight, about two hours after demonstrators arrived, cops declared an unlawful assembly and began moving in on crowds, pushing people out of the area.

Clouds of smoke filled the air as cops deployed smoke bombs and stun grenades to disperse crowds.

Police ran down the street, knocking people down and arresting those who they say were not following orders. 

As some people were being detained, they were pinned to the ground and blood could be seen marking the street pavement.

At least six people were seen being detained during the clash, according to Oregon Live.  

Crowds gathered outside the police union headquarters around 10pm where they were met with a wall of police including Mobile Response Team (MRT) members, state assets and armored vehicles

Protesters faced off with cops for about two hours before officers began moving in on crowds

Cops began rushing demonstrators and detained multiple people during the skirmish 

In a statement to Reuters, police confirmed they made ‘multiple arrests tonight’ but did not give a specific number. 

‘Officers will continue to make targeted arrests of those who fail to adhere to this order. The gathering at N Lombard St and N Campbell Ave has been declared an unlawful assembly’, police said.   

Demonstrations in Portland, which started in late May after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, are reaching 100 straight nights of protests that have been marked by vandalism and violence.

These have at times turned into clashes between demonstrators and officers, as well as between right- and left-wing groups. 

Law enforcement officers deployed smoke canisters demonstrators continued protesting for 99 consecutive days

Two street medics react as Portland police arrest members of their group during a protest

Anti-police protesters held signs as they rallied outside the Portland Police Association building

The slaying of a right-wing Trump supporter, Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, shot and killed after he came downtown last weekend with a pro-Trump caravan of pickup trucks further roiled things in the liberal city. 

The prime suspect in the shooting, self-described anti-fascist Michael Forest Reinoehl, was killed Thursday night by law enforcement.

Since Floyd’s killing, nights of unrest that increasingly targeted a federal courthouse prompted President Donald Trump to dispatch U.S. agents to guard the building in July.

His Democratic challenger in the November 3 presidential election, Joe Biden, has accused Trump of stoking violence with his rhetoric.

Anti-police protesters rally outside the Portland Police Association building .This weekend Portland will mark 100 consecutive days of protests over the May 25 police killing of George Floyd

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drove Police

New York police hunt car that drove into BLM protesters in Times Square – The Guardian

  • Video shows car moving through crowd with horn blaring
  • No one appeared to be seriously injured in incident

Anti-racism demonstrators gathered in Times Square on Thursday night to protest against police brutality.

Anti-racism demonstrators gathered in Times Square on Thursday night to protest against police brutality.
Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The New York police department says it is trying to find a car that drove through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocking a street in Times Square on Thursday night.

Video posted on social media showed the car jerking through the crowd with its horn blaring as demonstrators scream and scramble out of the way.


Car drives through Black Lives Matter protesters, Times Square, New York City, 8:10 PM, Thursday, September 3, 2020#BlackLivesMatter #BLM #TimesSquare #NewYorkCity #NewYork #NYC #ny

September 4, 2020

One video posted on Twitter by a user named DataInput, showed a dark sedan plowing into a crowd of people who were standing in front of the vehicle with bicycles.

Gwynne Hogan, a WNYC reporter, tweeted that the crowd appeared “rattled” but that “most people were able to jump out of the way.”

No one appeared to be seriously injured. The NYPD said on Twitter that the car was not a police vehicle.

The protesters had gathered after seven police officers involved in the suffocation death of Daniel Prude in Rochester, New York, were suspended. Prude, 41, who was Black, died when he was taken off life support on 30 March, seven days after officers who encountered him running naked through the street put a hood over his head to stop him from spitting, then held him down for about two minutes until he stopped breathing.

Prude’s death was described by a medical examiner as a ‘‘homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint”, and came into the national spotlight this week as his family called again for justice.

Despite the incident with the car, the protesters continued their march on Thursday evening.


There is an ongoing investigation into an incident in Times Square involving a black Taurus sedan. This auto is NOT an NYPD vehicle.

September 4, 2020

Associated Press contributed to this report

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