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Ron Rivera Presser: “I think we’ve got a good group of young, young guys” – Hogs Haven

Today was the Washington Football Team’s first practice that was open to reporters(see pictures, videos, and updates here). It was also the first day the team had pads on and Head Coach Ron Rivera was excited to see some hitting from his new players. He wasn’t excited about the tempo and some of the bad habits that players had early in camp after an extended period of time off.

Alex Smith is being slowly reintroduced to football after recently getting cleared following his life-theatening leg injury/infection two years ago. Rivera is watching how Smith, Reuben Foster, and Bryce Love are responding to their returns to football practices.

You will see a lot of different combinations of players as the team tries to figure out the depth chart. Rivera specifically pointed out the offensive line and linebackers. Dwayne Haskins Jr. has also got some work in with all the WRs.


Ron Rivera: “Up tempo is important because we have to learn how to play fast.”

He said he saw little mistakes which left him disappointed.

— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) August 18, 2020

Ron Rivera said he wants his team to play fast and he was disappointed at times with the tempo. Saw some good things too but he wants his guys aware of the situation and players to know their assignments.

— JP Finlay (@JPFinlayNBCS) August 18, 2020

Ron Rivera said he saw some things he liked, some things he didn’t in Washington’s first padded practice. He addressed the team after and stressed attention to details and tempo — two things he’s emphasized all offseason, really.

— Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) August 18, 2020

Alex Smith:

Rivera says they’re slowly trying to reintroduce Alex Smith to football. Today was his first 7-on-7 work.

— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) August 18, 2020

Ron Rivera said they’re gradually bringing Alex Smith along. Had him in 7-on-7 today where there was no threat of people around his feet and to see him move. They’ll keep tabs on how he progresses.

— Rhiannon Walker (@InstantRHIplay) August 18, 2020

Rivera says Alex Smith’s foot movement is crucial when they’re evaluating. He said he saw good movement in his progressions. “You see that he’s still in tune with that,” he said.

— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) August 18, 2020

Rivera said he saw good movement from Alex Smith in pads. He’s a wily veteran, Rivera said, and he went through his progressions.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

Players returning from injury:

Rivera said he watched players coming back from leg injuries like Reuben Foster, Alex Smith and Bryce Love. Rivera said it was fun to watch them because he could see them getting more confident in their legs.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

Landon Collins:

Rivera on Landon Collins: “He’s a guy who can circle the troops.” He says they’re expecting him to be a leader.

— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) August 18, 2020

Troy Apke:

Troy Apke played well at free safety today. Rivera said he has sharp movements and he is a smart players. Rivera also emphasized the importance of finding the right combination of players, so the rotation could change every day.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

Different combinations in practice:

Rivera : “Very few positions are set in our mind right now.” He says you will see different combo of guys at positions as camp goes on.

— George Wallace (@GWallaceWTOP) August 18, 2020

Rivera: “Very few positions are set in our mind right now. … You’re definitely going to see a different group of linebackers, that’s for sure.”

— Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) August 18, 2020

Adding on to what Rivera said about finding the right combination: he said while Haskins was working with the first offensive line mostly, but he was working with the second group of receivers as well as the first bunch.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

Young QBs:

Rivera on what they’re looking for from their young QBs: “Is their body keeping up with their eyes. … You’ll hear us talk about mechanics, you’ll hear us talking about footwork. As long as he’s making good decisions, you feel like he’s progressing.”

— Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) August 18, 2020

Correcting bad habits:

Rivera said he feels there are a lot of bad habits that need to be corrected because of players’ time away from the field with the pandemic. “We have to have them understand this is how we do things and this is how we want it done.”

— Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) August 18, 2020

Since there were no OTAs and minicamps, Rivera knew some players would be a little rusty today. So, he stressed again that they need to do things the way the coaches ask of them. If that happens, then the glory will go to them.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

Hitting at practice:

Rivera on guys hitting today: “I do get excited about it. “

— George Wallace (@GWallaceWTOP) August 18, 2020

Jonathan Allen:

Rivera said Jonathan Allen came up to him during practice and asked him how much he missed it. And honestly, he does. It’s exciting, Rivera said, to see everyone on the field in pads again.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

Ryan Kerrigan:

Rivera said Ryan Kerrigan has really taken to putting his hand on the ground, which has been fun to see.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

Rivera says some of guys have struggled with some of the technique things of going from 3-4 to 4-3 but when the light bulb comes on, they see it…

Says he can see Kerrigan getting more comfy with hand down in dirt. @WSHFootballSI @SInow @1067theFan @LockedWFTPod

— Chris Russell AKA The Rooster (@Russellmania621) August 18, 2020

Head coach Ron Rivera said he was “very pleased” with what he saw from Montez Sweat and Chase Young. Rivera also likes what he sees from Kerrigan as he transitions to putting his hand in the dirt all the time.

— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) August 18, 2020

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

Head coach Ron Rivera said Dwayne Haskins Jr. “made some really good decisions” during today’s practice.

— Kyle Stackpole (@kylefstackpole) August 18, 2020

Injury updates:

Ron Rivera, who does not like to talk about injuries, says DE Ryan Anderson and OL Saahdiq Charles missed practice today for minor injuries. Anderson worked on the side, and Rivera said the team hopes to have both back on the field “in the next day or two.”

— Sam Fortier (@Sam4TR) August 18, 2020

Team President Jason Wright:

Rivera takes some time to talk about Jason Wright. He’s excited to work with him. He knew him as a player, and now he’s getting to know him as a person.

— Zach Selby (@ZachDSelby) August 18, 2020

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