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Tekashi 6ix9ine Releases New Video Upon Release, No Major Legal Issues – TMZ

Shoots Music Video Upon Release …
Already Out, No Big Issues from Cops

8/2/2020 1:16 PM PT


1:14 PM PT — Welp, that was fast. The video Tekashi was filming JUST THIS MORNING is already up out in the ether — as in, it’s up on YouTube mere hours after shooting it.

The song’s called “PUNANI” and it features T69 and a bunch of his on-set buddies cruising around Brooklyn in a crap ton of Lambos and SUVs — flashing cash, showing off hot girls, the usual really. It’s not a bad song either … as for the production value, we’ll let you judge.

Now, if you watch it … you’ll see that the dude and his posse are on the move and kinda all over the city — or at least all around that borough. There’s a part where they’re on the bridge on top of the cars, seemingly driving recklessly … which has caught the attention of NYPD.

Law enforcement sources tell us they’re alarmed at the behavior and could potentially summons him for violating basic traffic laws, but we’re also told … it doesn’t sound like any criminal charges would stick to him from this. Also, dude didn’t need a permit for the way he was filming … which was basically guerrilla-style. So, no harm no foul, really, legally speaking.

Anyway, here’s the first of what we’re sure will be many new videos and songs to come now that the boy is out and about. Be easy out there, 6ix9ine.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is fully free, having just completed house arrest, and he’s already out shooting a music video.

We got this vid of Tekashi out in Brooklyn Sunday, bright and early (7:30 AM) …. alongside some super wild rides.

It’s no surprise … a few security guards were patrolling the area, along with a massive entourage. Security was blocking several streets, stopping drivers from coming through. It’s pretty clear they had permits to shoot the video … otherwise, cops would have shut it down.

The cars are crazy — 2 colorful Lambos, an orange McLaren, a yellow Dodge Charger and a Benz.

Tekashi, who was released from house arrest Saturday, is on 5 years supervised probation. Most people thought he’d go into witness protection, but he’s shunned that, and the music video is evidence … he’s not hiding from anyone.

Originally published — 7:27 AM PT

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Apple releases

Apple releases latest public beta of iOS 14 with new Clock widgets and more – 9to5Mac

Apple will release third public betas of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to testers today. This comes after yesterday’s release of iOS 14 beta 3 to developers, bringing changes such as new Clock widgets and more.

Apple started public beta testing of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14 two weeks ago. Going forward, we generally expect new versions to be released every two weeks.

The second iOS 14 public beta likely includes the same changes introduced in the third developer beta. This means you’ll get access to new widgets for the Clock app, the ability to share Apple Music content to Snapchat, as well as a colorful new icon for the Music app.

A storage bug that was previously in iOS 14 beta 1 and 2 has also been resolved in this week’s updates. This caused major issues for some iPhone users who were seeing an exorbitant amount of “Other” storage in the Settings app.

If you’re interested in signing up for Apple’s public beta testing program, you can do so via Apple’s website right here. Apple’s new software version won’t be complete until the fall, at which point it will be released to the general public. Testers should still expect performance and stability issues when running the iOS 14 public beta on primary devices for the time being.

Apple warns about running the iOS 14 public beta:

The Apple Beta Software Program lets users try out pre-release software. The feedback you provide on quality and usability helps us identify issues, fix them, and make Apple software even better. Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software. Be sure to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and your Mac using Time Machine before installing beta software.

iOS 14 brings a variety of new features and capabilities to iPhone users, such as support for widgets on the home screen, picture-in-picture, App Library, and much more. Curious what Apple’s major software versions will do for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac? Catch up on 9to5Mac’s coverage below:

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AnyBackup autobackup 1srcsrcW charger

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-year releases

NASA releases 10-year time lapse of the sun – New York Post

June 26, 2020 | 2:44pm

The sun is the star responsible for life on Earth. Without it, we wouldn’t be here and it’s a constant fixture in our everyday lives. With all that in mind, it’s a real shame you’re not supposed to look directly at it. The sun is an incredible thing and astronomers have come up with ways to observe it without scorching their retinas. One of those tools is the Solar Dynamics Observatory, an “unblinking eye” that observes the sun constantly.

Images from the SDO are produced by capturing only a specific ultraviolet wavelength that lets scientists see the star’s corona, which is its outermost layer. For a decade, the SDO has been staring at the sun and recording every blip of activity it can spot. Now, we can enjoy it all for ourselves.

The timelapse video NASA just released is absolutely incredible. It shrinks ten years of sun observations into just over one hour. Yep, it’s an hour-long video, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy it.

The video, which is available in up to 4k resolution, is stunning. It shows a wealth of activity on the star’s surface early on, ramping up until there are magnetic loops of plasma covering a huge percentage of its surface. Then, just as quickly as they appear, the hot spots of activity seem to fade away, leaving the star looking much calmer.

This is the regular sun cycle, where it moves from a period of high activity called the Solar Maximum to a period of low activity called the Solar Minimum. The intensity of the maximum and calmness of the minimum can vary, but the cycles themselves are very apparent.

As for why you occasionally see the sun’s orb shake in the frame, or see momentary frames of darkness throughout the video, NASA has a very good explanation:

While SDO has kept an unblinking eye pointed toward the sun, there have been a few moments it missed. The dark frames in the video are caused by Earth or the Moon eclipsing SDO as they pass between the spacecraft and the sun. A longer blackout in 2016 was caused by a temporary issue with the AIA instrument that was successfully resolved after a week. The images where the sun is off-center were observed when SDO was calibrating its instruments.

Observing the sun and keeping track of how active or inactive it is can be vital for predicting things like solar storms and other space weather that can affect Earth. When the sun spews plasma into space, charged particles that reach Earth can damage communications satellites and even put space missions in peril.

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China releases

China releases blueprint for Hong Kong national security law – CNN

(CNN)China revealed a blueprint on Saturday night for a controversial new national security law, which critics say threatens political and civil freedoms in Hong Kong and broadens Beijing’s direct control over the semi-autonomous city.

Under the sweeping draft legislation, Beijing would be able to override Hong Kong’s prized independent legal system and mainland officials will establish a national security office in Hong Kong, further eroding the city’s autonomy.
The draft, which is being reviewed by China’s top legislature, allows Hong Kong’s top official to handpick which judges hear national security cases, according to state-run Xinhua news agency, jeopardizing the city’s treasured independent judiciary.
And while Hong Kong courts will preside over national security criminal cases, mainland Chinese security organs will have the power to “exercise jurisdiction” over cases that “jeopardize national security under specific circumstances.”
The characteristics of those circumstances were not defined. Criminal offenses under the draft law include secession, subversion of state power, terrorist activities, and collusion with foreign or external forces to endanger national security, according to Xinhua. 
Beijing’s national security office in Hong Kong will guide and supervise local officials’ policing of national security, and will also “collect and analyze national security intelligence,” Xinhua reported on Saturday. 
The Hong Kong government will also be required to set up a national security commission, headed by Chief Executive Carrie Lam. Beijing will appoint a national security adviser to sit on the Hong Kong commission.
According to Xinhua, the provisions in the national security law will kick in when local laws of the semi-autonomous region are inconsistent.
If passed, the law will be imposed by Beijing, bypassing Hong Kong’s legislature, via a rarely used constitutional backdoor.
Those standing for election or public office in Hong Kong must swear to uphold the Basic Law, the city’s mini-constitution, and pledge allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).
In response to the new details, Lam said the Hong Kong government “fully supports legislative work for safeguarding national security” and is “undertaking the necessary preparatory work.”
New units will be set up in the Hong Kong Police Force and Department of Justice to “shoulder the major responsibilities in implementing the relevant enforcement work,” she added.

Backlash against the law

The proposed legislation has been widely criticized by opposition lawmakers in Hong Kong, human rights groups and politicians worldwide.
Washington has threatened to revoke Hong Kong’s special trading relationship with the US and potentially even impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials, and more than 200 lawmakers from two-dozen countries have signed an open letter condemning the bill.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to provide a path to British citizenship for potentially millions of Hong Kongers. The proposal would extend rights granted to holders of British National (Overseas), or BNO passports. Currently, some 350,000 people holding BNO passports can travel to the UK visa free for six months.
And Taiwan earned a scolding from Beijing after the self-governed island set up an office to help Hong Kong citizens who have moved to Taiwan, or intend to do so, for “political reasons.”
The second-highest ranking official in Hong Kong has insisted the law will not erode the city’s democratic freedoms. Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung said last month the law will bring stability to Hong Kong, by preventing a repeat of the increasingly violent street confrontations that rocked the city for months in 2019.
And Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, the country’s No. 2 leader, said after parliamentary meetings in Beijing that the law was designed for the “steady implementation of ‘one country, two systems'” — a formula that guarantees Hong Kong its autonomy and freedoms — and for “Hong Kong’s long term prosperity and stability.”
But that has failed to reassure critics. In mainland China, far reaching national security laws have been used to target pro-democracy campaigners, human rights activists, lawyers and journalists.
Last week, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, two Canadians detained in China in December 2018, were formally charged with spying by Chinese prosecutors. Their detention and subsequent charges, described by the Canadian government as “arbitrary,” are viewed by analysts as Beijing’s political revenge against Ottawa for the Canadian authorities’ arrest of a Chinese tech executive at the request of the US government. The latest development further fuels will fuel fears in Hong Kong over the impending national security law.
When a decision to enact the law was approved by China’s rubber-stamp parliament last month, Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo said the decision marks “the beginning of a sad and traumatizing era” for the city.
“They’ve practically taken away our soul. Our soul we’ve been treasuring all these years, the rule of law, human rights, they’re taking away all the core values we’ve come to know,” she said.
“From now on, Hong Kong is nothing but just another mainland Chinese city.”

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Champions releases

UEFA releases Champions League schedule for August – Bavarian Football Works

UEFA has finally narrowed in on its plan to complete the 2019/20 Champions League tournament. According to their press release, UEFA is going to complete all the remaining games in August. The remaining rounds will all be held in Lisbon in single knockout games.

The round of 16 games that are left on the schedule will take place the 7/8 of August but it has yet to be determined whether they will be played in Lisbon or the teams’ original venues. So we will see whether Bayern play the second leg against Chelsea at the Allianz or a neutral site.

The schedule looks as follows:

Round of 16 – August 7-8

Quarterfinals – August 12-15

Semifinals – August 18-19

Final – August 23

All matches will be played behind closed doors and subject to new roster rules. Clubs will be allowed to register 3 new players to their squads provided they were already on the team and eligible for inclusion. No new transfers will be allowed (ahem Chelsea and Mr. Werner).

The single knockout matches will likely lead to some upsets, as overall quality and depth seems to balance out over two encounters, which will make teams change their particular strategies.

Bayern Munich roll into the 2nd leg against Chelsea FC with a significant advantage, following the 3-0 thrashing at Stamford Bridge, and their current form is likely to continue throughout the quarter finals. Here we come Lisbon!

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releases veteran

Iran releases US Navy veteran Michael White after nearly two years – New York Post

June 4, 2020 | 12:38pm | Updated June 4, 2020 | 2:44pm

President Trump announced Thursday that Iran has released US Navy veteran Michael White after detaining him for almost two years.

White, 48, was detained in July 2018 after reportedly visiting a woman in the Iranian city of Mashhad. He received a 10-year sentence for crimes including insulting Iran’s theocratic leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“I am to happy announce that Navy Veteran, Michael White, who has been detained by Iran for 683 days, is on a Swiss plane that just left Iranian Airspace,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

He continued: “We expect him to be home with his family in America very soon. I will never stop working to secure the release of all Americans held hostage overseas! Thank you Switzerland for your great assistance.”

White finished throat cancer treatment shortly before he arrived in Iran and there was significant concern for his health. He reportedly contracted COVID-19 while in prison.

In a statement, White’s mother, Joanne White, wrote that she was “incredibly grateful” to the Trump administration and the State Department, as well as Swiss diplomats who worked on the case.

His mother also thanked former New Mexico’s Democratic former Gov. Bill Richardson for “repeatedly raising Michael’s case with Iranian officials and delivering my personal pleas,” and TV host Montel Williams. White wrote that she was represented for free by attorney Mark Zaid, one of the lawyers for the whistleblower who sparked Trump’s impeachment.

“My prayers are with the Namazi and Tahbaz families and the families of so many other wrongfully detained Americans around the world,” Joanne White wrote, referring to detained US citizens Baquer and Siamak Namazi and Morad Tahbaz.

As president, Trump has focused heavily on winning the freedom of US citizens held overseas by authoritarian governments, including Egypt, North Korea, Turkey and Venezuela. He elevated his administration’s former chief hostage negotiator, Robert O’Brien, to be his national security adviser last year.

Details of negotiations behind White’s release were not immediately clear. On Tuesday the US returned to Iran scientist Sirous Asgari, who was charged with but acquitted of stealing trade secrets in violation of US sanctions.

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Apple releases

Apple releases iOS 13.5.1 and watchOS 6.2.6 with ‘important security updates’ – 9to5Mac

Apple is releasing iOS 13.5.1 to the public today following last month’s release of iOS 13.5. Apple says that today’s update to iOS 13.5.1 provides important security updates.

Update: Apple has added new details about iOS 13.5.1 to its security webpage, confirming that the update patches the vulnerability used by the Unc0ver jailbreak:


Available for: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch 7th generation

Impact: An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges

Description: A memory consumption issue was addressed with improved memory handling.

CVE-2020-9859: unc0ver

In addition to iOS 13.5.1, Apple is also releasing watchOS 6.2.6 to the public as well as iPadOS 13.5.1 and updates to HomePod and Apple TV. The updates should be available to all users shortly.

Apple’s release notes for today’s updates are short. “This update provides important security updates and is recommended for all users,” the company says. Apple directs users to its security webpage, but no additional details are available there yet.

The release of iOS 13.5.1 also comes after a jailbreak was released for iOS 13.5 last month. That means devices such as the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and the 2020 iPad Pro can be jailbroken even if they are running iOS 13.5. It’s possible that iOS 13.5.1 patches the 0day kernel vulnerability being used by the Unc0ver jailbreak tool.

iOS 13.5.1 follows last month’s release of iOS 13.5, which included the Exposure Notification API as well as enhancements to Face ID authentication, FaceTime group calls, and Apple Music. Read our full coverage of that update here.

You can update to iOS 13.5.1 and iPadOS 13.5.1 on your iPhone or iPad by heading to the Settings app, then choose General, then Software Update. The update should start rolling out very soon if you don’t yet see it on your device.

Spot any other major changes in today’s public release of iOS 13.5.1? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, @9to5Mac.

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releases Spike

Spike Lee releases short film as part of George Floyd protests – The Guardian

Spike Lee has released a short film as protests against the death of George Floyd continue, which equates Floyds treatment at the hands of police with Eric Garners and Radio Raheem, the character in …
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releases SpaceX

SpaceX releases rare footage of Elon Musk celebrating recent rocket explosion – Teslarati

As the historic return of human spaceflight from American soil rapidly approaches, SpaceX takes a moment to highlight the Crew Dragon’s most recent accomplishment. During a Commercial Crew and International Space Station overview news conference held Friday, May 1st, SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer, Gwynne Shotwell debuted new 4K footage of the recent Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test. The test, which occurred on January 19th, 2020 from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center, demonstrated the Crew Dragon’s capability to keep astronaut occupants safe should a launch ascent emergency abort scenario occur.

Prior to making her remarks and answering questions, Shotwell called attention to the video highlighting the Super Draco launch escape system – a defining character difference between Crew Dragon and the cargo variant of the capsule that is used to shuttle resupply missions to and from the International Space Station.

The In-Flight Abort test was the final demonstration of the redesigned Super Draco abort thrusters following a catastrophic explosion in March 2019 that resulted in the complete loss of the Demonstration 1 Mission Crew Dragon capsule.

The Super Draco thrusters are used to rapidly propel the capsule away from a failing first-stage booster and ensure the safety of all crew members aboard. Along with eight Super Draco abort thrusters, the Crew Dragon capsule also features sixteen maneuvering Draco thrusters. These work in an abort scenario to ensure attitude control – flipping and orienting the capsule to prevent loss of control and ensure proper orientation for parachute deployment.

A pod of SuperDraco thrusters is pictured here shortly after installation on Crew Dragon C206, the spacecraft set to launch astronauts for the first time ever. (SpaceX)

The recap video included footage of the Super Draco thruster system performing successfully and propelling the Crew Dragon capsule away from the first-stage Falcon 9 booster that was experiencing an intentional engine shut down. Shortly after, the video displays a never-before-seen view of the capsule ejecting its trunk prior to parachute deployment.

Screen capture from the 4k recap video of the Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center shows the 8 Super Draco abort thrusters of the Crew Dragon capsule firing and propelling the capsule away from a “failing” first-stage Falcon 9 booster. (SpaceX)
Screen capture from the 4k recap video of the Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center shows the Crew Dragon capsule ejecting its trunk just before parachute deployment and safe splashdown return. (SpaceX)

The recap video differs from the typical SpaceX launch webcast in that it features a more behind-the-scenes look at launch – and splashdown – proceedings. SpaceX engineers along with NASA astronauts and company founder Elon Musk are seen inside Firing Room 4 of the Launch Control Center at Kennedy Space Center.

Screen capture from the 4k recap video of the Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center shows various SpaceX employees observing the test flight behind a row of monitors in Firing Room 4 of the Kennedy Space Center Launch Control Center. (SpaceX)
Screen capture from the 4k recap video of the Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center shows SpaceX employees and company founder Elon Musk observing the test flight from Firing Room 4 of the Kennedy Space Center Launch Control Center. (SpaceX)
Screen capture from the 4k recap video of the Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center shows NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken – the future crew members of Crew Dragon DM-2 – observing the test flight from Firing Room 4 of the Kennedy Space Center Launch Control Center. (SpaceX)

The facility was once used to monitor crewed launches during the space shuttle era. The next time it will be used will be during the first crewed launch of a new human spaceflight vehicle since the debut crewed flight of the space shuttle in 1981. The upcoming Crew Dragon Demonstration 2 Mission is currently set to liftoff no earlier than 4:23pm ET on Wednesday, May 27th.

SpaceX releases rare footage of Elon Musk celebrating recent rocket explosion

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