Batman Resumes

‘The Batman’ Resumes Production Without Robert Pattinson – Variety

Production on “The Batman” continues to be on pause after Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19 this week, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Variety previously reported that shooting on the film had resumed without Pattinson, citing a story in the Daily Mail. However, studio insiders denied that report.

Crew members are still doing construction work on sets and props at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, U.K., but people on the film team who were in contact with Pattinson are quarantining. The production is still doing contact tracing. It is unlikely that shooting will re-commence until the roughly two-week quarantine period ends.

It is also unclear if Pattinson has symptoms of the disease or if he is asymptomatic. Warner Bros., the studio behind the film, did not confirm that the star had tested positive and would only say that a member of the production had coronavirus.

Leading figures in the U.K. film production sector told Variety Friday that they continue to have absolute faith in the measures being taken to keep cast and crew safe from COVID-19 on British sets.

Meanwhile, the U.K. industry is confident that crews are observing COVID-19 protocols that were published by the British Film Commission at the end of May. “We know that productions in the U.K. are rigorously following BFC Guidance with robust health and safety procedures in place, including stringent testing regimes, which is why any case of coronavirus can be rapidly identified and appropriate self-isolating procedures implemented,” Adrian Wootton, chief executive of the British Film Commission and Film London, told Variety.

“We’re confident that with all measures in place, any production will resume filming as soon as it’s safe to do so. We also believe this will not impact production overall continuing in U.K., precisely because we have such robust health and safety measures operating, enabling our world-class film and high-end TV sector to get back up and running.”

“The behavior of U.K. cast and crew have been exemplary,” Lyndsay Duthie, CEO of the Production Guild of Great Britain, told Variety. “Wanting to return to work, everyone has embraced the comprehensive measures required of them and as a result many productions have been back on set and filming safely for weeks already. Where we have seen productions abroad where a cast or crew member has tested positive, precautions have been taken as required to enable them to start filming again as soon as they had the all clear.”

U.K. crew have also had access to free training modules offering practical advice on staying safe in the context of the pandemic provided by ScreenSkills, and some 20,000 people have already made use of this. “Productions have been taking this issue extremely seriously and we know everyone is working hard to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks during filming,” ScreenSkills CEO Seetha Kumar told Variety. “We collaborated with industry and health and safety experts to develop free online coronavirus basic awareness on production training to support the available guidance.”

In addition, the Production Guild is working on a bespoke program targeted at senior production staff who are taking on a COVID supervisor role, that will be announced next week. “This will be a definitive guide to standardize this new vital area on production to world-class standards,” said Duthie.

ScreenSkills is also running safe return to set seminars to share the experience of those already back in pre-production or production and are developing more advanced training. “None of this removes the threat of people falling ill but it acknowledges that everyone can play their part in trying to prevent outbreaks on set or location,” said Kumar.

There is also the question of crew morale being affected when a high-profile member of the team, like Pattinson, is diagnosed with the virus, so soon after resuming the stalled production. “Production teams are resilient as already proven and will always find innovative ways to keep moving forwards,” says Duthie. “I think it is more of a sense of frustration, when all have worked so hard to comply to comprehensive measures.”

Though it is not immediately clear what kind of insurance that “The Batman” has, COVID-19 is unlikely to be covered under any existing policies. “What we are seeing is that all insurers are making sure that there is specific wording to exclude COVID cover,” Kris Barnfather, senior account executive at Eggar Forrester Insurance, told Variety.

“The Batman” production does have recourse to the U.K. government $647 million film and TV insurance fund that was announced in July. The fund is available to all productions where at least 50% of the budget is spent in the U.K. Eligible productions will get compensation for costs caused by coronavirus delays up to a value of 20% of the production budget. Productions abandoned due to coronavirus will be covered up to 70% of the production budget. There is a total cap on claims per production of $6.65 million.

Brent Lang contributed to this report.

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Batman decodes

‘The Batman’ fan decodes The Riddler’s mysterious message in new trailer – NME

Following the release of The Batmans first trailer over the weekend, one fan appears to have decoded a mysterious message from The Riddler (Paul Dano).

In the first look at the Matt Reeves-directed DC movie, fans were given first glimpses of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman, alongside Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman and Dano’s Riddler.

At one point in the clip, however, a message for Batman is left on a victim, which asks: “What does a liar do when he’s dead?”, followed by a series of symbols.

One fan seems to have cracked it, discovering that the answer translates as the clever pun: “He lies still”.

Explaining his methodology, Andrew Lane revealed in a Twitter thread that he looked through the symbols to identify recurring ones, using a process of elimination by first trying Batman.

“This didn’t work because the symbols that I substituted with letters in the first phrase didn’t line up with the same symbols in the second one,” he wrote. “So I went to my next thought process, which was replacing the matching symbols in the first phrase with ‘E’ since it is the most used letter in the English language.

“Then the matching consecutive letters in the second phrase I replaced with a double ‘L’, because it is the most commonly used consecutive letters in the English language. Then I used the riddle on the right side of the card and the substituted letters to figure out the rest.”

So hyped for Matt Reeve’s Batman Movie, I decided to solve The Riddler’s code. #TheBatman

— Andrew Lane (@TheMasterD101) August 23, 2020

The Batman‘s trailer was unveiled at DC’s FanDome event, unveiling a much darker and grittier interpretation of the DC hero.

Elsewhere at the virtual event, Warner Bros. Games Montreal officially unveiled its Gotham Knights game, which is set in the Batman universe. The game takes place after the death of Bruce Wayne, with the titular Gotham Knights – Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood – continuing his legacy.

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Batman trailer

The Batman Trailer Breakdown and Analysis – Den of Geek

The Batman trailer is finally here, accompanied by Nirvana’s “Something in the Way.” The two-minutes-and-a-half of footage presents a nightmarish new take on Gotham and the Dark Knight, an impressive feat considering only 25% of the movie has been shot so far, according to what director Matt Reeves said during the DC FanDome digital event.

Matt Reeves’ Batman reboot explores the early days of the Caped Crusader’s career, about two years into it, and focuses on a younger Bruce Wayne who is haunted by his past as well as a new villain who’s leaving victims all of the city for him to find.

We see in the trailer as Batman is hunted by a serial killer who is leaving him letters at every crime scene, teasing that the movie will feel more like a detective story than the usual action take. The trailer also gives us our first look at several villains, including Penguin, Catwoman, and a gang that seems to call back to a group first introduced in an animated series.

While the trailer makes quite a few things clear about this new Batman movie universe, there are a few lingering questions left in the promo’s wake. So we’re going breaking down the trailer to see what’s really going on in The Batman. And if there’s anything you spot in the trailer that we missed, let us know in the comments!

Before we get started, take a look at the trailer again:

Okay, let’s get started:

The Batman Riddler
The Batman Trailer Riddler

The trailer kicks off the character reveals right away, giving us our first look at The Batman‘s version of the Riddler — at least I’m pretty sure this is him. The riddle-obsessed villain isn’t really known for wearing a full facemask with glasses over it, but as you’ll see throughout the trailer, this movie seems to play like an extended fever dream full of grotesque baddies set against an almost overbearingly dark Gotham City.

This is the perfect version for this new take on the Riddler, who seems more like a serial killer here than the grinning megalomaniac we know from the comics, video games, and Batman Forever. In fact, Paul Dano’s Riddler looks about as far the opposite of Jim Carrey as you can get.

The Batrman Trailer No More Lies
The Batman Trailer Lies

The trailer definitely sets up the Riddler as the main villain of the piece, a killer obsessed with getting to the Batman by leaving behind corpses and messages for the Dark Knight at his crime scenes. Above, we see one such victim, his face wrapped in tape with the words “No more lies” written over it.

Uncovering a lie seems to be a major aspect of the movie, as its a message the Riddler repeats to the Batman several times in the trailer. It suggests the Riddler knows something about the Caped Crusader that no one else does. Does the villain know that Bruce Wayne is the masked vigilante? Or does this lie run much deeper than that?

The fact that the Joker movie also dealt with the idea of the Wayne family’s hidden past — in that case, that Thomas Wayne may have had an illegitimate son — and that this movie could have at least one potential connection to last year’s Taxi Driver-inspired character piece makes me think the Riddler knows a secret about Bruce’s past. The Riddler, who seems to be speaking to Batman throughout the video, tells the Dark Knight at the end of the trailer that “he’s a part of this,” meaning whatever the villain is doing was designed to punish Bruce for something.

The Batman Trailer Jim Gordon

Reeves has said that his take on Batman is more of a detective story than an action movie, and this trailer definitely delivers on his promise. We see Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon investigating the crime scene the Riddler leaves behind at the start of the trailer, while a forensics team takes photographs and gathers evidence.

The Batman Trailer Riddle
The Batman Riddle

One piece evidence is a green envelope left behind for Batman. Inside is a card with a riddle that I can’t quite make out, but it’s undoubtedly meant to lead the World’s Greatest Detective to the next clue in the Riddler’s twisted game. We also see that the Riddler has also picked up a few things from the Zodiac Killer’s book of riddles, as he leaves behind a code for the Bat to crack.

The Batman Trailer Maroni

A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of a framed newspaper at the crime scene gives fans of The Dark Knight and The Long Halloween a nice easter egg to mull over. We already knew John Turturro was set to play crime boss Carmine Falcone in the movie but now we know that his comrade in crime/rival Salvatore Maroni also exists in this universe and has been busted for transporting drugs at some point before the start of the movie. Was Maroni one of Batman’s early targets? Maybe we’ll find out.

The Batman Trailer Batsuit

Here’s an excellent look at what the top half of the new Batsuit looks like. It’s pretty much a suit of armor, although the cowl and cape seem to be made out of leather. And as we already knew, this Batsuit has a collar, which is a pretty neat addition to the usual suits designed for the movies.

This scene also confirms that by year two of Batman’s career, he’s already on good terms with Gordon and the GCPD, although something tells me that relationship ain’t gonna last very long…

The Batman Trailer Loeb

I have no idea who this is, but I’m going to guess it’s The Batman‘s version of Commissioner Loeb, the corrupt head of police that preceded Gordon. Since the movie is getting a GCPD-centric spinoff on HBO about the corruption inside the police force, I’m going to assume this version of Loeb will be a bit closer to the power-hungry chief introduced in Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman: Year One.

The Batman Trailer Batcave
The Batman Batcave

We also get a look at the new Batcave, which is about as minimalist as the Dark Knight’s secret lair can get. In fact, it looks more like a garage than a secret underground science lab/high-tech surveillance station. It even looks like this version of Bruce spends more time working on his Batmobile than on his computer piecing mysteries together. Can you even call that a Batcomputer? It looks like a workbench with a dual-monitor PC setup. Does this dude even get wi-fi inside his underground mechanic shop?

The Batman Trailer Funeral
The Batman Trailer Bruce Wayne

Bruce is at someone’s funeral for someone I don’t recognize when a car comes crashing through the church. Inside seems to be a man with a bomb and a letter for Batman strapped to his chest. Does the Riddler know Batman is attendance already or does he think this latest scheme will lure him there?

Either way, we also get our best look at Pattinson as Bruce. It’s interesting to see a version of Bruce who doesn’t sport slicked back billionaire hair. Instead, Pattinson wears more of an emo slick — very fitting for the mood of this trailer.

The Batman Trailer Selina Kyle
The Batman Trailer Catwoman
The Batman Trailer Batman vs Catwoman

We get our first look at Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle doing what she does best: stealing. Reeves said during DC FanDome that this version of Selina hasn’t quite morphed into Catwoman at the start of the film and is instead still being shaped into the master thief we know and love.

The trailer shows us a brief snippet of Selina taking on Batman, suggesting that the characters will be at odds with each other in the movie. But could this be the start of a love-hate relationship like what we’ve seen in past takes on this duo? This should be interesting.

The Batman Trailer Penguin
The Batman Trailer Oswald Cobblepot

We also get to see Colin Farrell’s absolutely incredible transformation into the scarred Oswald Cobblepot, who, according to Reeves, is still working his way up the crime ladder in this movie. He’s not yet the powerful crime lord known as the Penguin, but it sure seems like he causes plenty of havoc for the Bat nonetheless.

The Batman Trailer Jokerz
The Batman Jokerz
The Batman Trailer I am Vengeance

Here’s why I mentioned that Joker connection earlier. The gang of face-painted goons that challenge Batman in the trailer sure look inspired by the Clown Prince of Crime. My initial reaction was that The Batman was doing the Jokerz, the Joker-worshiping gang introduced in the Batman Beyond animated series, but what if these guys were actually inspired by Arthur Fleck’s actions in the ’70s-set movie?

We know that by the end of Joker, Arthur has a cult following rallying around him, despite the fact that he’s admitted to murdering quite a few people by that point. His followers, who don their own clown makeup and masks, see Arthur as a freedom fighter, someone fighting for justice in a corrupt city where the rich have it all and the poor have nothing. It wouldn’t be surprising to see that Arthur has become a symbol all these years later, inspiring the next generation to go out into the streets and cause their own chaos.

I know WB has said that both The Batman and Joker exist in their own universes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio was suddenly anxious to tie these two movies together after the massive success of the latter. If Pattinson ever does take on the Joker, you can bet your Batarangs that WB will try its very hardest to make it the Joaquin Phoenix version of the villain.

Anyway, we eventually watch as Batman beats the ever-living shit out of one of these clowns. It’s a bit…much.

The Batman GCPD
The Batman Trailer GCPD Fight

While Batman and the GCPD seem to be on good terms at the start of the trailer, things have certainly taken a turn later. We first see Bats getting into a scuffle inside an interrogation room surrounded by cops and then later escaping a building while police officers shoot at him. That second shot actually seems to recreate the famous panels from Year One where the Dark Knight escapes an abandoned building surrounded by the GCPD with the help of a swarm of bats, a scene that also inspired an action sequence in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Why are Batman and the GCPD suddenly at odds? It’s possible this is part of the Riddler’s plan to destroy the Bat. Has the villain framed the Dark Knight for something? Or has Batman gone too far in his search for justice?

The Batman Trailer Batmobile
The Batman Batmobile

The new Batmobile is front and center towards the tail end of the trailer. It’s a very cool and surprisingly realistic take on the Batmobile unlike what we’ve seen in past movies. This muscle car definitely looks like something Bruce would have worked on himself inside the Batcave.

The Batman Trailer Bruce
The Batman Trailer Bruce Mask

Finally, we get a look Batman sans mask. There’s no elegant bachelor under the cowl in The Batman but a beaten down, soot-covered man who looks more troubled than any other Bruce before him. Pattinson’s Bruce almost looks more inspired by The Crow than Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, or Michael Keaton before him. It definitely looks like he’s taking the character in a new direction.

We’ll find out for sure when The Batman hits theaters on Oct. 1, 2021.

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Batman Gotham

Batman: Gotham Knights gameplay, playable characters, villains, and everything else you need to know – GamesRadar+

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

After months of leaks, rumors, and deliberate teases from Warner Bros. Montreal, Gotham Knights was officially revealed at DC Fandome. And what a reveal it was, with a full-length cinematic trailer setting up a seven-plus minute gameplay trailer showing off Batgirl’s slick moves.

Watch the first Gotham Knights trailer below:

Somewhat surprising is the fact that you don’t actually play as the Caped Crusader himself, at least judging from the trailer and gameplay footage. It’s always possible that changes later on, but for now we can only speculate. Though, the big reveal at Fandome did confirm a number of key details about Batman: Gotham Knight, and we’re here to break down everything we know about the Warner Bros. successor to the famed Arkham series, from playable characters to release window and more.

Gotham Knights release date is set for next year

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Games)

Warner Bros. was kind enough to provide a release window for Gotham Knights, and it’s encouragingly soon. Barring any potential delays due to the pandemic, we’re geared up to “step into the knight” sometime in 2021.

Although it feels like it’s been years since we started hearing rumors about a new Warner Bros. Batman game, it’s only just been officially revealed, so a release date as early as next year is a positive sign that development is well underway, if not nearing completion. The gameplay footage we got at DC Fandome was from a pre-alpha build, and even so, it looked pretty dang good. We can only imagine what the finished product looks like when we (*crosses fingers*) get to play it next year.

There are at least four playable Gotham Knights characters

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Batman: Gotham Knights takes place after the death of Batman, seeing the Gotham Knights assemble to bear the Dark Knight torch. Warner Bros. confirmed during an interview after the reveal that Gothan knights will feature “a whole host of playable characters,” but the footage so far mostly centers around Batgirl. We also see Joker team up with Batgirl at a few points for some co-op gameplay.

That said, it’s pretty much confirmed that you’ll also play as Nightwind and Red Hood. Although we don’t have any actual footage to prove that, Warner Bros’ pitch for the game suggests as much.

Watch the first Gotham Knights gameplay walkthrough below:

“Batman is dead. It is now up to the Batman Family – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin – to protect Gotham City, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals … You must evolve into the new Dark Knight and save Gotham from chaos. Your legacy begins now. Step into the Knight.”

The Batcave is gone, and in its place is the Belfry

(Image credit: Warner Bros Games)

Surprise, surprise, the new Batman game takes place in the faintly-lit alleyways and bustling streets of Gotham City, and it looks like there’s a range of different neighborhoods to explore. Yet, you’ll notice the Gotham Knights aren’t operating out of the Batcave – which was presumably destroyed when Batman was killed – and instead are using the Belfry as their new base.

Thanks to the insights from our friends at Newsarama, we know the Belfry was introduced back in 2016 as a school for Batman to train superheroes while Batwoman resumed day-to-day operations. It was also the base for a team called the Gotham Knights, made up of Batman, Batwoman, Clayface, Orphan (a former Batgirl), Spoiler (another former Batgirl), Red Robin (Tim Drake, a former Robin), Batwing, and Azrael. Gotham Knights was never the name of a comic, but it’s clear Warner Bros. was loosely inspired by this team-up for their next Batman game.

“In [Detective Comics #935], we’re introducing a new secondary Batcave that’s going to be in Gotham City. It’s called the Belfry, and it is the – honestly, I got to sit down and design my own Batcave from scratch. And it’s honestly one of the coolest things,” writer James Tynion IV told Newsarama about the location back in June 2016. “When I saw the pages come in from Eddy Barrows designing it for the first time, I was just floored. This feels like a new iconic setting in Gotham City, and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

In the comics, the Belfy even has a room similar to the X-Men’s Danger Room or Star Trek’s Holo Deck, called the ‘Mud Room,’ where Clayface can make traps and the like for the team to train against. We didn’t see anything like that in the trailer, so we’re only speculating, but it should be interesting to see how Warner Bros. implements the new base.

Mr. Freeze is one of the Gotham Knights villains

(Image credit: Warner Bros Games)

There are sure to be multiple baddies standing between the Gotham Knights and the safety of Gotham City, but we know one of them to be Mr. Freeze, a cryogenics expert and the product of a laboratory mishap that left him confined to a cryogenic suit for survival.

For some context, Mr. Freeze has attempted to take over and/or freeze all of Gotham a couple of times in the comics. On one such occasion, from the 2017-2018 miniseries Batman: White Knight, Mr. Freeze builds a massive freeze cannon under a lighthouse in Gotham City. Harley Quinn (using the name Neo-Joker) finds the cannon and takes it over, freezing Gotham entirely and leaving Mr. Freeze and Batgirl to team up to fix the mess. It’s unlikely we’ll see any sort of partnership between any of the heroes and villains, but nothing’s out of the question just yet.

There’s drop-in Gotham Knights co-op

(Image credit: Warner Bros Games)

Combat in Gotham Knights is a clear evolution of the Arkham Series’ punchy, fluid battling, but there’s also the welcome addition of easy, drop-in co-op. You can see Batgirl doing her thing with the help of Robin, showcasing a few truly satisfying-looking takedowns.

The process of joining and leaving Gotham Knights co-op sessions looks seamless, with a “ROBIN joined the session” message popping up as another player enters without interruption the action or story. Co-op is limited to just two players at a time, despite the fact that given the number of playable characters, it would seem the obvious choice to make four-player co-op an option.

I’m GamesRadar’s green tea-fueled, late-night news hound. I’m perpetually in search of an MMO to recapture the feeling of playing Ultima Online in the early 2000s, and I’m still sorting out self-esteem issues from being relegated to second player duties growing up with two older brothers. On a related note, I’m irrationally defensive of Luigi and his mansion.

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Batman Returns

Batman Returns! Michael Keaton to Play Bruce Wayne in ‘The Flash’ – TheWrap

Batman Michael Keaton The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton is set to return to the role of Batman opposite Ezra Miller in DC’s upcoming standalone The Flash movie

After nearly 30 years, Michael Keaton is in talks to return to the role of Batman, to appear alongside Ezra Miller in Warner Bros.’ upcoming movie “The Flash,” TheWrap has learned exclusively. Talks with Keaton are in the very early stages, it is far from a sure thing, and can go either way. No details are currently available about how big or small Keaton’s role is.

That plot will introduce general audiences to the idea of the multiverse, one of the of core concepts underpinning DC Comics. For the non fanboy set, the multiverse refers to a shifting number of alternate universes that coexist within the larger reality depicted in DC comics. Originally created to explain various contradictory changes the company’s characters experienced over decades, it allows several different versions of the same characters to simultaneously exist and, occasionally, interact. Matt Reeves upcoming “The Batman” will not be affected and Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is still viewed as the future of the franchise.

One notable component is the idea that in every single universe, Earth is always home to a larger than normal number of superpowered heroes and villains whose actions often have galaxy-spanning consequences.

Also Read: What Michael Keaton’s Return As Batman Could Mean for the DCEU and the Snyder Cut

DC has been planting the seeds of the multiverse for the last several years. It was introduced in The CW’s “Arrowverse” franchise, with “Supergirl” and “Black Lightning” expressly established as being in separate universes from “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” But most recently, during The CW’s crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” movies such as “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League” were confirmed as part of the Arrowverse multiverse when the Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin on The CW encountered Miller’s Barry Allen.

And while it’s still not known how the multiverse concept will play out in other future DC Comics movies, it certainly expands the available options for Warner Bros as it develops them. Just in case it wants to find a way to pit Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker against, say, the current version of Aquaman.

We discuss the potential greater ramifications of Keaton’s return in more depth here.

Keaton first played Batman/Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s 1989 blockbuster of the same name, a critical and financial success that changed how superhero films were viewed — and paved the way for the genre’s future box office domination. Keaton’s casting was initially controversial among fans, as he was primarily known for broad comedies. But his performance, particularly how he used his comedic background in his portrayal of Bruce Wayne to differentiate it from Batman, was widely praised and is now recognized as an seminal moment in comic book films.

Keaton last played Batman in 1992’s “Batman Returns,” but quit the role during development of a third film after Burton was pushed out as director and replaced with Joel Schumacher, who took the series in a campier direction with 1995’s “Batman Forever” and its much-reviled 1997 follow up “Batman & Robin.”

But “The Flash” will disregard the latter two entries entirely, and explore what Keaton’s version of Batman has been up since we last saw him. Loosely based on the 2011 DC Comics crossover event “Flashpoint” — previously announced as the film’s title at Comic-Con 2017 — the story sees Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen travel back in time to prevent the death of his mother. The result? Allen inadvertently creates another universe protected by Michael Keaton’s Batman, now 30 years older.

“It: Chapter Two” director Andrés Muschietti is set to direct “The Flash” movie from the latest draft of the script from “Birds of Prey” writer Christina Hodson. Barbara Muschietti and Michael Disco are producing.

“The Flash” is eyeing a Q1 2021 production start, subject to covid-19 protocols.

Keaton is repped by ICM Partners and Ziffren.

Every DC Comics Movie Ranked From Worst to Best, Including ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘Joker’

How does the latest entry in the DC Extended Universe fare in our rankings?

Marvel may be the dominant force in comic book movies at the moment just through sheer numbers, it’s actually DC Comics that has the historical edge. Films based on DC properties go back nearly a century to those ancient Batman and Superman serials, while Marvel didn’t really get things going until this century. That’s a lot of history — how do the recent “Birds of Prey” and “Joker” stack up? Let’s take a look.

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