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Borat Congratulates ‘Premier Trump’ on Great Debate Victory – The Daily Beast

The Trump campaign was not the only group to prematurely congratulate the president on his debate “win” over former Vice President Joe Biden.

About 45 minutes before the two men were set to hit the stage, a mysterious new Twitter account representing the Republic of Kazakhstan posted a video along with the message, “Congratulation to great friend of the Kazakh people @realDonaldTrump for winning debate today! Impressive and amazing result for a strong premier who always put America and Kazakhstan first!”

The unmistakable voice of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat—who it was confirmed this week will star in a sequel to the classic film—can be heard saying of the president, “Donald Trump, strongest premier in history, he not racist!”

“Black guys love him so much they kneel before him,” Borat continues as photos of NFL players taking a knee for racial justice appear on screen.

As footage of Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein plays, he says, “He protector of women.” Multiple times during the video Borat insists Trump “never had stroke” while showing video of him struggling to lift a water glass with one hand.

    “Biden’s breath so bad he forced to wear a mask,” Borat adds. “Because of Trump, 350 million Americans still alive.”

    “Vote for Premier Trump or you will be crushed,” he concludes.

    The upcoming film, which has the unconfirmed title Borat: Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan, is scheduled to hit Amazon Prime Video just before the 2020 election on October 23rd.

    For more, listen to Sacha Baron Cohen on The Last Laugh podcast.

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    Trump congratulates Big Ten on comeback, tells Pac-12 to ‘get going’ – Fox News

    President Trump celebrated the return of the Big Ten college football conference as it worked to combat the coronavirus, and emphatically told the Pac-12 it was their turn to “get going.”

    “I want to congratulate Big Ten football. It’s back,” Trump said during a press conference on Wednesday. Its return came after Trump publicly pressured the conference, which primarily consists of Midwestern teams, and even spoke directly with Commissioner Kevin Warren.

    “I want to, in particular, I’ve been dealing with them, thank commissioner Kevin Warren for the great job he did. We’ve been working with him for a while … I called the commissioner a couple of weeks ago, and we started really putting a lot of pressure on, frankly, because there was no reason for it not to come back. And Kevin went in and worked very hard. I want to thank the players, the coaches for working along. And they wanted it very badly. The players and coaches, in particular, the parents also.”

    He specifically thanked White House adviser Tim Pataki for doing a “great job” working with Warren on the issue.


    In a release Wednesday, the conference said that the Council of Presidents and Chancellors was unanimous in its decision to resume games. To prevent the virus’ spread, the conference is requiring student-athletes, trainers, and coaches to receive daily antigen testing, while students who test positive will have to undergo comprehensive cardiac testing and can only return after at least 21 days from their positive diagnosis.

    As the Big Ten and Pac-12 bailed in August, the other Power Five conferences forged ahead, along with three other major college football leagues. Games have started, with the Big 12 and Atlantic Coast Conference kicking off last week. The Southeastern Conference begins playing Sept. 26.

    “I want to recommend that the Pac-12 also get going, because there’s no reason why Pac-12 shouldn’t be playing now,” Trump said of the west coast conference.


    “And perhaps they’ll start with at least partially, I had recommended today to Kevin and others that maybe you want to start off with 25% of the stadium or maybe you want to start off with empty, I don’t know. I think they could have fans go, frankly, but they want to be careful, they want to be safe, and they will be safe.”

    Trump continued: “They’ve got a very good testing process for the players, coaches, families, etc. And so I just want to congratulate Big Ten. It’s going to be great, we’re going to love watching that. And, again, I want to recommend Pac-12, you’re the only one now. Open up, open up, Pac-12, get going,” he said.

    Earlier this month, the Pac-12 announced a testing partnership it said would help mitigate the virus’ spread. It added, however, that “any return to competition is subject to requisite approvals from public health officials.”

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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    congratulates Tesla

    Elon Musk congratulates Tesla employees ahead of Q2 deliveries report – CNBC

    Vehicles pass the Tesla Inc. assembly plant in Fremont, California, U.S., on Monday, May 11, 2020.

    David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

    Around 11:00 a.m. California time on Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out an e-mail congratulating his tens of thousands of employees.

    “Just amazing how well you executed, especially in such difficult times. I am so proud to work with you!” read the email in its entirety.

    Tesla is expected to report its second quarter vehicle delivery and production numbers after the bell on Thursday, and Musk’s Wednesday email suggests that Tesla hit its goals. It follows Musk’s exhortation earlier in the week to “go all out” as “breaking even is looking super tight.”

    According to a consensus of analysts surveyed by FactSet, as of July 1, Wall Street expects Tesla to deliver 72,000 vehicles for the period. (Estimates range from 39,000 to 86,000 units expected.) 

    Auto sales slumped during the second quarter after Covid-19 outbreaks led to health restrictions on households and businesses, mass layoffs and wage cuts. 

    Tesla had to close its main U.S. car plant in Fremont, California, for several weeks due to health restrictions. Musk defied and sued regulators in Alameda County over their orders and returned to full operations a few days before getting official clearance to do so.

    To revitalize demand, Tesla cut prices of its electric vehicles during Q2 by as much as 6% in North America. It also made pricing changes in China, where its Shanghai plant came back online relatively quickly after a health-related shutdown.

    Throughout the last month of the quarter, Musk has sent several “Everybody” e-mails, which have promptly leaked to press, where shareholders could easily get a sense of his messaging.

    For example, in early June, Musk sent out a pair of “Everybody” e-mails, obtained by CNBC and others, in which he boasted about a glowing Model Y review in the Wall Street Journal and urged employees to stay motivated amid Model Y production and delivery problems.

    He said, in another one of the emails: “It is extremely important for us to ramp up Model Y production and minimize rectification needs.” He added, “We are doing reasonably well with S, X, and 3, but there are production and supply chain ramp challenges with Model Y, as is always the case with new products.” 

    Tesla shares set new records Wednesday, giving the company a valuation of $208 billion and making it the most valued car company, ahead of Toyota.

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