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AT&T tells customers to buy new phones or their old ones will stop working – The Verge

If AT&T sent you an email telling you to upgrade your phone — or else — would you write it off as a scam? Well, that’s just what the company did this week, according to Android Police.

Under the big, blue, bold, all-caps heading “UPDATE NEEDED,” the carrier is telling some customers that their devices are “not compatible with the new network” and that they “need to replace it to continue receiving service.”

Here’s the email:

One obvious problem: the company sent this in the middle of an economy-wrecking pandemic, at a time when buying a new phone might be the last thing on someone’s mind. Some customers were so surprised to get the email that they posted on AT&T’s support forums speculating that it might be a scam, though Android Police says the email is legitimate.

Another problem: scared customers may not actually need to do anything until February 2022.

As Android Police points out, what AT&T really seems to be doing here is recommending upgrades ahead of the shutdown of AT&T’s 3G network. That’s scheduled to happen “by February 2022,” according to an AT&T link that reportedly appears in the email. When the 3G network goes away, AT&T says that phones that don’t support HD Voice, which routes calls over 4G LTE, won’t be able to make voice calls or use data on AT&T.

Weirdly, customers with newer phones, which should theoretically support HD Voice, are getting the email, too. The person who started that thread on AT&T’s support forum said they use a Galaxy S10 E, a phone that was released in March 2019.

If it’s true that these phones won’t stop working until 2022, sending out an email like this isn’t exactly the best look for AT&T; it could be seen as an attempt to boost sales during a pandemic, and there’ll no doubt be a wave of newer and better phones available (including more with 5G support) before that deadline passes.

It’s unclear exactly how many customers may have gotten this email, and AT&T hasn’t replied to a request for comment. But hopefully AT&T provides clearer communication about why and when customers will actually need to upgrade.

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Meijer to require all customers to wear face coverings beginning July 20th –

Meijer to require all customers to wear face coverings beginning July 20th –
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Businesses, customers adapt to face mask requirement in 7 Oregon counties –

BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) – On Wednesday, Gov. Kate Brown’s new guidance went into effect, requiring seven Oregon counties to wear face masks in public spaces.

The guidance applies to Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Marion, Polk, Hood River, and Lincoln counties. FOX 12 looked at how businesses and customers are adapting to the new guidance.

At Beaverton Pharmacy, owner Wade Irby says wearing face masks is the best way to keep everyone safe, especially in some of the tighter spaces of the pharmacy.

“It’s just another layer, best we can do right now until there’s a vaccine or until they find something else that can treat this thing,” Irby said. “I know that some other businesses have some signs on their doors saying it’s required to have a face mask to walk into their business. And some of those places have a much smaller footprint inside their establishment than what we do. We haven’t done that yet. Is it going to happen? I don’t know.”

Irby says if the pharmacy decides to do that, it would provide masks at the front door for customers who don’t have one.

It’s a different experience for many businesses.

At Twyst Salon in Beaverton, customers are getting a new look while wearing an unexpected accessory.

“It is kind of hard trying to talk and it can be kind of hard to breathe sometimes with the chemicals, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting it to be,” Kathryn Church, a customer, said.

Customers like Church are looking for some normalcy, as she’s ready to reconnect with her hair stylist.

“Never in a million years would I think it’d be like this but it’s nice to know that there’s ways to get around and to kind of get back to normal life,” Church said.

Twyst Salon owner Erin Wanderscheid says the salon sent a text to every client before their appointments detailing the salon’s rules and regulations. She says customers are on board with the new process and different approach to cutting hair.

“If we’re going around the ears for guys or ladies with shorter hair we’ll just have them unloop, we’ll do around the ear and then loop it back,” Wanderscheid said. “So, we can work around it. Whether you agree with it or don’t agree with it, it’s what we have to do. So, do what you got to do and we’ll get through it. It will go away at some point. Hopefully, we don’t have to work in masks and have our clients wear masks forever.”

There are some exemptions to this guidance. You don’t have to wear a face mask while you’re eating and drinking at a bar or restaurant.

You also don’t have to wear a mask if you’re working out, singing, or playing an instrument and can maintain social distancing.

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iPhone 11 customers noticing random green display bug, unclear how to fix – 9to5Mac

Some users are now complaining about a noticeable green tint on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max displays. The problem seems to occur randomly after unlocking the device, and it may be related to a software bug.

Reports about the greenish screen effect have been shared on Reddit (via MacRumors), and it seems that the problem mostly affects iPhone 11 models. There are some inconsistencies about how this issue happens, but in most cases the screen turns green right after unlocking the iPhone or when Dark Mode and Night Shift are activated.

Rather than a hardware problem, this might be a software issue, as many users have claimed they were affected after updating to iOS 13.5.

At first, I feared that it was a hardware issue — but then my mother’s phone started showing the tint. It’s just one more bug in iOS 13.5. They’ll prolly fix it in 13.5.2 (or, well, iOS 14 beta).

It seems that the green tint disappears after a while, but it keeps coming back periodically, bothering iPhone 11 users.

If that is indeed a software problem, Apple can fix it with a future iOS update — the company is currently running tests with iOS 13.5.5 beta. Unfortunately, there are no workarounds for that at the moment, so affected users will have to wait until Apple addresses the bug.

Have you been affected by the random greenish screen effect with your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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