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Meghan Markle and Ivanka Trump ‘poised to compete in US presidential election’ – Express

MEGHAN MARKLE and the US President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, may end up battling it out for the 2024 presidential election, according to some commentators.

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Meghan has picked up her political rhetoric once again now she has left life as a working royal behind her. During the 2016 presidential campaigns, she famously called Donald Trump “divisive” and “misogynistic” — but after she married Prince Harry in 2018, she was forced to adopt the Royal Family’s apolitical stance. However, since Meghan and Harry decided to step down from the royal frontline earlier this year, she has embraced her newfound freedom in the run-up to this year’s presidential election.

Ivanka Trump, too, has increased her public presence during her father’s campaign this year, and she introduced him at the recent Republican convention.

Commentator Rosa Silverman speculated last week: “Might Ivanka be eyeing a slot on the Republican ticket?

“Yes, back in 2017, she insisted she tries to ‘stay out of politics’. But people change.”

Writing in The Telegraph, Ms Silverman added that “America loves a dynasty” and that the bookmakers have given the first daughter 33 to 1 odds of winning the 2024 election.

Ivanka Trump and Meghan Markle could run for the 2src24 Presidential election

Ivanka Trump and Meghan Markle could run for the 2024 Presidential election (Image: Getty)

Ivanka has always been a prominent figure in the Trump administration

Ivanka has always been a prominent figure in the Trump administration (Image: Getty)

Meghan has been given the less favourable prediction of 100 to 1 chance to win the 2024 election — but these are the same odds Mr Trump had when he first announced his intention to run.

While she has also been reluctant to voice aspirations for the White House, Ms Silverman joked: “Where else except the White House is there to go when you’ve already made it to princess level in your Thirties?”

The commentator conceded that the face-off between these two women is somewhat unlikely — but it is worth noting that after Mr Trump’s surprise election in 2016, the presidential race in the US has become much more unpredictable.

Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka were some of Republican voters’ favourites to replace their father in 2024 according to a news sites Axios and Survey Monkey poll from January.

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Meghan is known for her strong political views which she had to quieten while on the royal frontline

Meghan is known for her strong political views which she had to quieten while on the royal frontline (Image: Getty)

Although the First Daughter’s brother took a larger portion of his party’s support, Ivanka was the only one of Mr Trump’s children invited to speak at the Republican National Convention recently, fuelling reports that she is his favourite.

The Atlantic noted in 2018: “[Trump] had been grooming her for years to take over the family empire. She was the golden child.”

However, Meghan leap back into political discussions only six months after leaving the Firm has caught commentators’ attention, too.

She has not confessed any longing to be in the White House, but royal author Lady Colin Campbell claimed in July that Meghan had wanted to get her foot in the door for a while.


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Ivanka introducing her father during the recent Republican National Convention

Ivanka introducing her father during the recent Republican National Convention (Image: Getty)

Meghan appealing to the electorate to vote in August through Michelle Obama's intiative

Meghan appealing to the electorate to vote in August through Michelle Obama’s intiative (Image: Getty)

She said: “I know the Duchess of Sussex has political ambitions and I’ve been told that one day she wants to run for President.

“I think everything she is doing, leaving the Royal Family and moving back to California, is part of her plan and she has taken Harry along with her.”

Meghan joined former First Lady Michelle Obama in a virtual discussion earlier this month to promote women’s right to vote, and claimed non-voters are “complicit”.

By joining the initiative, called the United State of Women and When We All Vote online, Meghan was accused of tacitly digging up support for the Democrats.

Meghan did not openly refer to any candidates or party, but she said “we all know what’s at stake this year” and encouraged the public to be “energised to see the change that we all need”.

This was perceived as a slight against the incumbent President, Mr Trump.

She also discussed women’s rights to vote with political activist Gloria Steinem, where she said she was “really concerned about voter suppression” — as fears that there will be intimidation at US polling stations come November are on the rise.

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Meghan Markle nails summer chic in $250 pinstripe pants by Anine Bing – Daily Mail

Meghan Markle looks the picture of summer chic as she teams a pair of $250 pinstripe pants by Anine Bing with vegan leather Stella McCartney sandals and a straw sunhat

  • Meghan Markle, 39, nailed summer chic during chat with Gloria Steinem, 86
  • Donned pinstripe pants by Anine Bing $250 (£220) with a classic white T-shirt
  • Completed outfit with Stella McCartney black leather sandals, ($346) £263

By Chloe Morgan For Mailonline

Published: | Updated:

The Duchess of Sussex nailed a summer chic look as she chatted to famous feminist and activist Gloria Steinem for Makers.

Meghan Markle, 39, teamed a pair of pinstripe pants by Anine Bing $250 (£220) with a classic white t-shirt as she sat down with the activist, 86, for a conversation about women’s rights, representation, and the importance of voting.

The royal completed her look with a $356.00 (£270.67) wide-brimmed ‘serena’ straw sunhat by Janessa Leone, which featured a pinched crown and felt ribbon with chin strap, and a pair of Stella McCartney vegan leather sandals, which are currently discounted to ($346) £263.  

And it wasn’t long before royal fans took to the comment section to praise her outfit of choice.

The Duchess of Sussex nailed a summer chic look as she chatted to famous feminist and activist Gloria Steinem for Makers (pictured)

Meghan Markle teamed a pair of pinstripe pants by Anine Bing $250 (£220) with a classic white t-shirt (pictured)

‘The hat. So Californian! Love this whole look really,’ enthused one, while a second agreed: ‘Oh I just love this look on her! So effortlessly glamorous.’

A third added: ‘Killing this look. Love it!’ while a further commented: ‘Love love love this look.’

Meghan accessorized with her trusty Monica Vinader friendship bracelet and a Cartier bracelet she’s owned for years.

The Anine Bing’s ‘Ryan’ pants are made from herringbone-jacquard woven with sharp contrasting stripes.  

Royal fans were quick to take to the comments section, with one writing: ‘Killing this look. Love it’ (pictured)

The online product description reads: ‘They sit flatteringly high on the waist and have pressed pleats that enhance the straight-legs.’

And the royal is in great company – as fans of the brand include Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Gigi Hadid. 

Meghan Markle appeared overwhelmed with excitement at points during her ‘backyard chat’ with Gloria, 86, which was filmed last month for Makers Women, a women’s empowerment platform that will stream the Q&A in full on Wednesday. 

However, in a short teaser clip that was posted on social media on Tuesday afternoon, viewers got a glimpse at Meghan and Gloria together, looking totally at east while relaxing in wooden deck chairs in a lush yard.

At one point, the pair are even joined by Meghan’s beloved dogs, black Labrador Pula, and rescue beagle Guy, who happily wandered into the camera shot during the chat, and lay down at the Duchess’s feet while she continued chatting with Gloria.  

During the conversation, the mother-of-one – who moved back to the US with Prince Harry and their son Archie in January, expressed her joy at being back in her home country. 

‘Meg, welcome home, I’m so glad that you’re home,’ Gloria said to the Duchess at the start of the clip, prompting Meghan to respond: ‘Thank you. Me too, for so many reasons.’ 

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Santa Barbara Mansion Is Their ‘Forever Home,’ ‘Finding Freedom’ Author Says – Entertainment Tonight

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have found their forever home. Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family co-author and royal correspondent Omid Scobie tells ET that the former royals are settling into their new Santa Barbara mansion and are entering a “very special part of their life.”

“Finding a house in the middle of a pandemic is difficult, but they were able to find a peaceful home in Santa Barbara. A home that they have bought with their own money,” Scobie tells ET. “There’s been a lot of speculation about Prince Charles potentially funding this. But this is really a moment for them to find their independence. They’ve done this on their own.”

“Like many couples, they have a mortgage,” he continues. “It is a peaceful home. It’s a forever home and somewhere where they’ll lay their roots. It has space for Archie, a playground. Really, it’s gonna be a special part of their life.”

ET learned that Meghan and Harry purchased a nine-bedroom, 19-bathroom home in Montecito, California. The 18,671-square-foot house, which was built in 2003, was purchased June 17 by the couple for $14.6 million.

The family had previously been living in Tyler Perry‘s eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom, $18 million Tuscan-style mansion in Beverly Hills. 

“One of the most difficult things for Harry and Meghan was moving to the U.S. and not actually having a home of their own,” Scobie says, adding that many people speculated the couple were staying in Los Angeles. “It’s been interesting to see this line drawn between Harry and Meghan’s decision to move to California to some sort of connection to Hollywood. Of course, they’re now living in Santa Barbara, a hundred miles away from Los Angeles.”

As for how they’re paying for their lavish new abode? “Both of them are extremely liquid when it comes to their assets,” explains Scobie. “Harry brings a lot to the table himself and Meghan lives off residuals from Suits and the many appearances that she’s done in other projects too.”

“They focus very much on their philanthropic work, but we have seen them sign with the Harry Walker Agency, they’ll be taking on a lot more smart speaking engagements as a couple and separately,” he continues. “But from what I’m told from sources, all of that work will still have the same social impact. We won’t see them endorsing products or taking on sort of fluffy ventures. Everything will still revolve around the issues that are important to them. I can see them following a path not that dissimilar to the Obamas when they left the White House.”

Among their rumored neighbors are Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Scobie tells ET that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moving to the “very private part of California” was very important for them, especially with paparazzi following them in Los Angeles.

“I think moving slightly out of the city and somewhere where other celebrities are able to enjoy privacy, such as Oprah or Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, they’re really able to now create a safe place to raise Archie, away from prying eyes,” notes Scobie.

While there are some reports suggesting that the couple moved to Santa Barbara to be closer to Winfrey, Scobie says that is not the case. He states that they moved to be closer to Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland.  

“Doria is a big helpful hand in their lives and one of the reasons that they chose to be in California in the first place,” he says. “I think for them it was really only over a matter of the U.K. or the U.S. to be near one side of the family or the other. Santa Barbara is a place Meghan has visited many times… but of course, they visited Oprah’s place. I’m sure they would have been very impressed by the place that she has and wanted a slice of it for themselves.”

As for whether Doria is living with the pair, Scobie suggests that she will be there “most of the time,” as Meghan and Harry have a guesthouse on their property.

The couple also are doing their best to stay connected with friends and family amid the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. Many celebrities have been linked to the former royals, with rumors suggesting that Meghan and Adele have recently become quite close.

“There’s a recent rumor that Meghan and Adele have started doing yoga together. They did live close together when Harry and Meghan were staying at Tyler Perry’s home,” Scobie shares. “But as far as I’m aware, there is a friendship there… No yoga sessions have taken place… They first met when Meghan was supporting Grenfell [Tower] fire victims in London, when she was working with the Hubb Community Kitchen to launch the cookbook. Adele was actually a regular visitor, and they really got to know each other through philanthropy.”

Scobie believes Harry and Meghan’s move to Santa Barbara will bring them closer to other celebrity friends. “Ellen [DeGeneres] is very close, nearby. Meghan and Ellen have a very long history. It was Ellen that convinced Meghan to adopt one of her dogs. They’ve continued that relationship. Ellen and Portia [de Rossi] visit Harry and Meghan and met Archie in London. I’m sure they’ll be regular visitors to the home.”

“They’re living very close to Oprah, a dear confidante of the couple and also a friend of Doria’s, but they have other friends in the area too,” Scobie adds. “Harry and David Foster, the Canadian music producer and composer, has become a very close confidante and someone he can really lean on for business advice and other matters. In fact, from sources, I hear they speak very regularly.”

For more on the couple’s new home, watch above. Finding Freedom is out now.


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Meghan Markle Breaks Silence on George Floyd w/ Rodney King Riots Story – Access

Published on 4 Jun 2020

Meghan Markle has spoken out about George Floyd’s death during a commencement address for her former high school. Seeming to choke back tears, Meghan recorded a video statement to address Immaculate Heart High School’s class of 2020. The 38-year-old explained that she had been unsure of what to tell the class, but realized “the only wrong thing to say is nothing.” Meghan’s speech came after days of protests were sparked by Floyd’s death, who died while in police custody on Memorial Day.


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Meghan Markle Breaks Silence on George Floyd w/ Rodney King Riots Story




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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry will face new challenges in the US as they ‘put down roots,’ royal experts warn – Fox News

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On May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle’s life forever changed when she married Britain’s Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex.

But the former American actress didn’t exactly get a fairytale after saying “I do.”

After ruthless tabloid scrutiny, public family drama and lingering rumors of royal rifts, the 38-year-old and her husband, 35, stunned the world on Jan. 8 of this year when the couple announced they were “stepping back” as senior members of “The Firm.”

Currently, the pair are residing in the “Suits” star’s native Los Angeles with their son Archie, 1.



And as the couple celebrates their second wedding anniversary, experts believe one thing is certain — their new life in America is a positive move for two royals who aren’t afraid to challenge tradition.

“At some point, they will put down roots, but being in quarantine does put a damper on the plans they may have been ready to announce regarding their new nonprofit, Archewell and other [projects],” royal historian and blogger Marlene Koenig told Fox News.

“Within the limitations of the pandemic, they have continued to keep in touch with their patronages as well do a bit of volunteer work in Los Angeles,” she continued. “For Harry, this is a new world. Yes, they have security, but the trappings of royal life were left in the U.K. so for Harry, now sheltered in a very nice house, will soon — once quarantine is lifted – find a whole world outside the front door.”

“They appear to be thriving, but I also suspect that they are chafing at the bit, and want to get started on whatever projects they are considering,” added Koenig.


Meghan Markle was a Hollywood actress before she became a member of the British royal family.

Meghan Markle was a Hollywood actress before she became a member of the British royal family.
(Photo by Lars Niki/Corbis via Getty Images)


Royal author Leslie Carroll, who detailed the couple’s courtship in her book “American Princess: The Love Story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry,” told Fox News she suspects their relationship will only flourish in America, a place far away from British tabloids that provides them the freedom to pursue life on their terms.

“Harry and Meghan are a perfect match,” she explained. “Both attended progressive private schools. Both were raised by warm, compassionate, affectionate mothers who deeply felt that it was imperative to teach their children that some people may have less than you do — but they are not less than you are. Both Doria [Ragland] and [Princess] Diana took their children to food kitchens and homeless shelters so their offspring could put a face to the hungry and needy — to understand they were people, not numbers. Both Meghan and Harry learned before they were teenagers to give back: generously, freely, openly.”


Princess Diana with her son Prince Harry.

Princess Diana with her son Prince Harry.


When Markle became engaged to Harry, the TV star seemed to charm everyone she met. She and Harry toured Britain to adoring crowds and the press praised her as a welcoming breath of fresh air. But soon after, Markle learned that life in the royal fishbowl was far from glamorous.

Markle’s strained relationship with her father, former Hollywood lighting director Thomas Markle, played out in the nation’s tabloids. She was also faced with allegations of allegedly feuding with Harry’s sister-in-law, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Then there was Samantha Markle, her estranged half-sister who has openly criticized her. A royal feud between Harry and older brother Prince William became the talk of the town.


Meghan Markle was accused of being a social climber before meeting Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex allegedly ghosted several of those close to her when she began dating her now-husband.

Meghan Markle was accused of being a social climber before meeting Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex allegedly ghosted several of those close to her when she began dating her now-husband.


Throughout the marriage, Markle was criticized for everything from eating avocados to cradling her baby bump when she was pregnant with Archie. When the couple finally announced they yearned for financial and perhaps personal independence, Queen Elizabeth II reluctantly agreed to let them become semi-detached royals to avoid a family split.

“Everything they do, they do together,” said Carroll. “They always have each other’s backs, literally. Meghan was called out by the British press for often placing her hand on Harry’s back during royal walkabouts during their early appearances as a couple. She knew he disliked these appearances. Her gesture was one of reassurance. She was right there for him… and yet, she was vilified in the tabloids for being a handsy American, ignorant of royal protocol. [But] Meghan ‘gets’ her man. She understands Harry’s trauma with regard to the press and paparazzi.”


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Fiji in October 2src18.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Fiji in October 2018.


While America will provide a fresh start for Markle and Harry, Carroll warned that the pair will be faced with new challenges.

“As much as Harry has always enjoyed America as a visitor, it will be a challenge for him to live in the states permanently if that becomes the Sussexes’ decision,” she explained. “It’s still early days; so we’ll see how things eventually end up. Challenges facing the couple will be Harry’s inevitable homesicknesses for his family back in the U.K., and the equally inevitable issues of finances and taxes. No couple, whoever they are, likes those discussions! But what Meghan and Harry seem to have going for them is a healthy ability to communicate, which experts say is the most important thing for a healthy marriage.”


Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend The Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House on March src5, 2src2src, in London, England.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend The Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House on March 05, 2020, in London, England.
(Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)


Still, Carroll believes the couple will finally have a “happily ever after” as they embark on a new life in the states and pursue the roles they are truly passionate about.

“Apart from, or in addition to, the obvious mutual physical attraction, they want the same things — to make the world a better place for humanity, especially women and children,” she said. “They want to be able to use their voices and the platform that their place in society afforded them, to amplify their message and enlarge their visions… As a boy, Harry had been unable to protect [his mother from the tabloids]. This time, the prince vowed not to permit history to repeat itself… he has kept his word.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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