Meisel Plesac

Meisel: Zach Plesac, Mike Clevinger and a Cleveland Indians mess – The Athletic

CLEVELAND — Put yourself in Carlos Carrasco’s cleats for a moment.

You’re one-fifth of a starting rotation recording historically sterling numbers, a group so adept at stymying opposing hitters that even the Indians’ oft-impotent lineup hasn’t proven to be an immovable anchor.

You also were diagnosed 14 months ago with chronic myeloid leukemia. You completed one of the more inspirational comeback journeys in recent sports memory. Reflect on the scene at Tropicana Field last September, when you couldn’t prevent the tears from tumbling down your face or your teammates from squeezing you tight in the dugout after your return to the mound.

Now imagine your reaction when you learn that Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac, two of your rotation mates, snuck out of the team’s hotel in downtown Chicago over the weekend, the temptation teams have most vehemently stressed to their players not to cave to.

One night after…

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