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Nancy Pelosi in face-covering row after salon visit – The Guardian

Nancy Pelosi has been photographed in a San Francisco hair salon without a face covering, breaking the city’s coronavirus prevention rules.

Security camera footage, which was obtained by Fox News, shows the Democratic House speaker without a mask on her face as she walked through the salon.

Salons in San Francisco have been closed during the coronavirus pandemic, with limited outdoor operations beginning only on Tuesday. The footage, showing Pelosi walking through the eSalon with a face mask around her neck, was filmed during an appointment on Monday.

Pelosi has regularly told US citizens to wear masks and follow the guidelines intended to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The salon’s owner, Erica Kious, said one of her hairstylists who rented a chair at the business had opened it especially for Pelosi’s appointment.

“It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no one else can go in, and I can’t work,” Kious told Fox News.

“We have been shut down for so long, not just me, but most of the small businesses and I just can’t – it’s a feeling – a feeling of being deflated, helpless and honestly beaten down,” she added.

Kious said that according to her interpretation of the coronavirus safety precautions blow-drying hair was prohibited for salons.

She added: “I have been fighting for six months for a business that took me 12 years to build to reopen,” she said. “I am a single mom, I have two small children, and I have no income.

“We’re supposed to look up to this woman, right? It is just disturbing.”

A spokesman for Pelosi, Drew Hammill, responded that the Californian congresswoman had not realised she was breaking her home city’s virus prevention rules.

“This business offered for the speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business,” he said, adding: “The speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment.”

Donald Trump weighed in on Wednesday morning.

Donald J. Trump

Crazy Nancy Pelosi is being decimated for having a beauty parlor opened, when all others are closed, and for not wearing a Mask – despite constantly lecturing everyone else. We will almost certainly take back the House, and send Nancy packing!

September 2, 2020

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Coronavirus: Nancy Pelosi criticises Deborah Birx – BBC News

Nancy Pelosi at new conference on 31 July

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Ms Pelosi reportedly described Dr Birx as “the worst”

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has attacked the White House coronavirus task force’s Deborah Birx, linking her to “disinformation” spread by President Donald Trump.

Dr Birx responded that she always based her decisions on scientific data.

She is a leading member of the task force, working alongside infectious diseases chief Anthony Fauci.

Mr Trump has regularly drawn criticism for his claims about Covid-19, many of which have been proved to be false.

What did Pelosi say?

Ms Pelosi made the comments on ABC’s This Week programme, in response to a question about a report on the Politico website that she had criticised Dr Birx in a meeting with other administration officials.

“I think the president has been spreading disinformation about the virus and she is his appointee, so I don’t have confidence there, no,” Ms Pelosi told ABC.

According to Politico, the House speaker used stronger words in her meeting last week with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

“Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you’re in,” she is quoted as saying to them. She also described Dr Fauci as a “hero”.

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Dr Birx (second L) pictured with other task force members at a White House briefing in April

Dr Birx told CNN’s State of the Union she respected Ms Pelosi, and thought the criticism was triggered by a New York Times article which suggested she was too ready to embrace overly optimistic assessments about the pandemic.

“This was not a pollyannish view. I’ve never been called pollyannish, or non-scientific, or non-data driven,” she said. “I will stake my 40-year career on those fundamental principles of using data to implement better programmes and save lives.”

In the same interview, Dr Birx said the US had entered a “new phase” in its fight against the pandemic, with the disease being “extraordinarily widespread”.

She cautioned people living in rural areas that they were not immune and must take precautions such as wearing face-coverings and social distancing.

She also urged Americans returning from holiday to assume that they were infected and to self-isolate – and she said people living in multi-generational households should consider wearing a mask while at home.

Why are Trump’s comments under scrutiny?

Dr Fauci has clashed with Mr Trump over the use of the drug hydroxychloroquine, which the president has promoted as being effective in fighting the virus.

There is no evidence of this, and regulators warn the drug may cause heart problems.

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Media captionDr Birx said irradiation by UV light was not possible as a treatment

Mr Trump has also discussed irradiating the bodies of coronavirus patients with ultraviolet light, a concept which Dr Birx said could not be applied as a treatment.

The US continues to have the highest number of cases of coronavirus in the world – more than 4.6 million – and more than 150,000 people have died with the virus there, more than in any other country.

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Nancy Pelosi defends decision to decline Trump admin testing offer: ‘They don’t have them’ – CNN

Washington (CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday defended her decision along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to decline an offer from the Trump administration to deploy rapid coronavirus testing capabilities to Capitol Hill and said that tests should go to Americans on the front lines of the crisis.

Asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” why she didn’t accept the tests, Pelosi responded, “Because they don’t have them.”
“The fact is that we have said that the tests should go to those on the frontline who had direct communication with or are contending with this,” Pelosi said. “Our capital (physician) has said we don’t need to have them in terms of the exposure that we have. The testing organization said to us you’re not next. We can bump you in line, push other people out of the way, but you’re not next in terms of essential workers for this.”
In a rare joint statement, McConnell and Pelosi said on Saturday that they would “respectfully” decline an offer from the administration to deploy rapid testing capabilities to the Hill ahead of senators’ return to Washington on Monday.
Instead, the two congressional leaders said they want “to keep directing resources to the front-line facilities” dealing with the pandemic and that lawmakers will use “current testing protocols that the Office of the Attending Physician has put in place until these speedier technologies become more widely available.” President Donald Trump responded to their stance over the weekend in a tweet chalking up the decision to politics.
Pelosi said Monday that “our first responders and the rest, they should be getting this before we do. I don’t know that there’s one member of Congress who says I want to have a test before my constituent who really needs one gets one.”
The Senate reconvened in Washington on Monday with Senate Democrats voicing frustration over the decision to bring the chamber back into session amid the pandemic and without imminent plans to take up further relief legislation. The full House of Representatives is not scheduled to come back into session this week.
Congressional Democrats have repeatedly argued that testing capacity must be expanded amid persistent reports of shortages and difficulty accessing tests.
“We must insist on the truth,” Pelosi said. “As we go forward we must insist upon the truth and the truth can only be gained by finding out how many people are affected by this.”
“What’s the key to ending this? The key is testing, testing, testing,” she said.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday split with Pelosi and McConnell over the decision to decline testing. “I do disagree about the testing,” McCarthy said during an interview with Politico. “As we open up, we cannot assume that there will not be a flare-up somewhere.”
The California Republican said he wants to be prepared, because the Capitol is like a “mini-city,” and congressional leaders should want to make sure it’s functioning. He said he wouldn’t want members to return “all at once,” and would like to have testing capacity to ensure the press is also healthy and able to continue to report on Congress.
“I do believe it will be critical to have the testing here, because there will be a flare-up,” McCarthy added. “Remember how many people from other parts of the country come to this location.”

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Nancy Grace questions Biden’s response to sexual-assault accusation: ‘If anybody accused me… I would be o… – Fox News

Fox Nation host Nancy Grace appeared on “Watters World” Saturday and addressed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s response to allegations he sexually assaulted a former Senate staffer in 1993.

“If anybody accused me of pushing them up against a wall, sticking my hand down their skirt and digitally penetrating them, I would be on fire. Angry,” Grace told host Jesse Watters. “I find it very difficult that he can’t remember anything about it.”


Biden told MSNBC on Friday: “I don’t remember any type of complaint she may have made. It was 27 years ago and I don’t remember — nor does anyone else that I’m aware of. And the fact is, I don’t remember. I don’t remember any complaint ever having been made.”

Tara Reade in late March accused then-Senator Biden of cornering her in a Senate office and assaulting her in 1993. Reade and seven other women had come forward a year prior to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching, but the story she told in March was far more graphic, raising the allegation to the level of sexual assault.


Grace called on Biden to allow access to his Senate records.

“She is saying, Tara Reade is saying that she filed a sex harassment claim at the time but that claim did not include digital penetration. That’s a much bigger allegation than just harassment. I felt that he seemed very calm,” Grace said. “I noticed he was saying, look here not there. Don’t look at the claim. Look at, for instance, he was alluding to the #MeToo movement that everybody has a right to come forward. Everybody should be listened to.”

“If that’s true, then open up your records at University of Delaware,” Grace said. “Why not?”

Fox News’ Morgan Phillips and Tyler Olsen contributed to this report.

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