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Mary-Kate Olsen Files for Divorce From Olivier Sarkozy After New York Lifts Coronavirus Moratorium – Entertainment Tonight

Mary-Kate Olsen has officially filed for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy in New York after the state lifted its moratorium on nonessential and nonemergency court filings, ET has learned.

Lawyers for the designer and former actress were among the first people filing paperwork Monday morning when the eight-week moratorium came to an end, according to the New York Daily News, which first reported the story.

The actress first tried to file for divorce from her estranged husband April 17, but was informed New York courts were not accepting divorce filings — other than emergencies — due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So, earlier this month, Olsen filed a request for an emergency order to petition for divorce, which was subsequently denied on May 14 by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz. The judge ruled the proceedings would not move forward after deciding “it was not an essential matter.” 

Olsen claimed in her request for an emergency order that Sarkozy was trying to force her out of their New York City apartment. Olsen reportedly alleged that her attorneys got an email from Sarkozy’s lawyers giving her a May 18 deadline to move out of the place. She also claimed that Sarkozy terminated their lease without her knowledge, and that she’s asked him to give her until May 30.

Sarkozy — the half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former President of France — and Olsen married in November 2015, three years after they started dating.

A source told ET last Thursday that the two were simply at different places in their lives. The source added that, despite some speculation, the breakup didn’t happen because the 50-year-old French banker wished Olsen was a stay-at-home wife.

“Olivier was very attracted to Mary-Kate’s ambition and success,” the source said. “He very much respects her work ethic and is beyond proud of everything she has ever accomplished. Her career is a big part of who she is, and he never would want to change who she is.”

However, the source added that Sarkozy is simply at a different point in his life now: “He has worked incredibly hard his whole career and is now at a point where he wants to slow down and enjoy his life.”

See more on their breakup in the video below.


Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Were at ‘Different Places’ in Life Before Divorce, Source Says

Mary-Kate Olsen Loses Bid to Submit Emergency Divorce Filing

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Emergency Order for Divorce Petition Is a ‘Clever Technique,’ Says Legal Expert

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Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen loses bid for emergency divorce during coronavirus court closures – Page Six

May 14, 2020 | 4:40pm

Mary-Kate Olsen’s emergency petition seeking a divorce from Pierre Olivier Sarkozy — despite coronavirus court closures — won’t go forward, after a Manhattan judge ruled that it wasn’t an essential matter.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz made the ruling Thursday, putting a halt to Olsen’s case, New York courts spokesman Lucian Chalfen confirmed.

Olsen, 33, filed the case Wednesday claiming that her 50-year-old banker hubby was trying to kick her out of their apartment by next Monday, forcing her to try to look for a new home during the coronavirus crisis.

The “Full House” actress had attempted to divorce Sarkozy — former French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s half-brother — April 17, but was blocked by the courts which have been closed to all new non-emergency cases since late March.

“This application is an emergency because my husband expects me to move out of our home on Monday, May 18, 2020 in the middle of New York City being on pause due to COVID-19,” Olsen’s case said.

“I am petrified that my husband is trying to deprive me of the home we have lived in and if he is successful, I will not only lose my home but I risk losing my personal property as well,” the court papers went on.

Olsen also sought to be able to continue to use the couple’s Hamptons home, their Gramercy apartment and another East 49th Street apartment. She also wanted a judge to uphold the terms of their prenup and order Sarkozy to keep providing her with health and dental insurance.

While Olsen’s case cannot currently go forward in Manhattan Supreme Court, one Manhattan divorce lawyer suggested that she try filing her divorce upstate when courts in 30 northern counties open up next week.

“I don’t know why Mary Kate wouldn’t just go ahead and file in Buffalo or in one of these nice counties upstate,” attorney Michael Stutman said. “It’s done electronically. It’s not like you have to drive up there.”

Typically, in order to file for divorce outside of the couple’s county both parties have to agree. But Olsen could file there just to freeze the marital assets, even if Sarkozy later opposes the location, he noted.

“Trigger the automatic orders and then serve him and let him fight the venue,” Stutman said.

Susan Moss, an attorney at the Manhattan law firm representing Olsen, but who doesn’t personally represent her, disagreed that city residents should file for divorce in a different county.

“If an attorney files an action for divorce in a county where neither party resides during this pandemic because that county is open and their county is not, that attorney is essentially trying to circumvent the Governor’s Essential Matter’s decree and may be subject to sanctions,” Moss said.

Olsen’s rep declined to comment.

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Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen has ‘ironclad prenup’ in place amid divorce from husband Olivier Sarkozy – Daily Mail

Mary-Kate Olsen is reportedly divorcing her 50-year-old husband of five years, Olivier Sarkozy.

And as far as the fate of her assets, a source revealed to Us Weekly on Wednesday that the 33-year-old Full House star has an ‘ironclad prenup’ in place.

‘Her business interests and fortune are protected’ said the insider in reference to Olsen’s successful The Row line and her substantial net worth.

Protected: Ironclad: A source revealed to Us Weekly on Wednesday that Mary-Kate Olsen, 33, has an ‘ironclad prenup’ in place; Mary-Kate pictured in 2019

According to TMZ, Olsen specifically asked that their prenuptial agreement be enforced. 

Forbes ranked Mary-Kate and her twin sister Ashley jointly as the 11th-richest women in entertainment in 2007, with an estimated combined net worth of $100 million.

As of 2019, the famous twins are now worth an estimated $250million each.

The TV actress turned fashion designer tried to file for divorce from the French banker back in April but the court said they were not going to proceed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Wednesday report from TMZ.

Now Olsen has asked for an emergency order so that things can move along as the two are already living apart.

Divorce: Mary-Kate Olsen is reportedly divorcing her 50-year-old husband of five years, Olivier Sarkozy; the pair pictured in 2015 

Mary-Kate had ‘signed a petition for divorce back on April 17,’ according to the site.

But she was told that the New York courts ‘were not accepting divorce filings’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are over 21K deaths from the coronavirus in New York state.

Only emergency filings were being looked into, she was told.

So Mary-Kate, who started dating Olivier in the spring of 2012, then asked for an emergency order to allow her to file the divorce papers and have them looked into.  

Mary-Kate has been married to Olivier – whose half-brother is Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France – since 2015.

Divorce: Mary-Kate Olsen is reportedly divorcing her 50-year-old husband of five years, Olivier Sarkozy; the pair pictured in 2012 

The situation is complicated between Mary-Kate and Olivier. According to the site, Olivier has forced his wife to move out of the New York City apartment they shared by terminating their lease without alerting her.

His lawyers told her to get out May 18 but that is not enough time to get her property together so she asked them for an extension until May 30. She has reportedly not heard back. 

The site added that Mary-Kate felt stuck so she filed a divorce petition so that her ‘property would be protected.’

A divorce petition automatically prevents her from throwing her property out, the site explained. 

Mary-Kate and Olivier did not have any children together.

A stall: She had ‘signed a petition for divorce back on April 17, according to the site. But she was told that NY courts ‘were not accepting divorce filings’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only emergency filings were being looked into. Seen in 2017

Olivier already has two teenage children – Julien and Margot – whom he had with ex-wife Charlotte Bernard.

The last time they were seen together was in November when they were with her twin sister Ashley and her artist beau Louis Eisner, 30.

The sisters donned their signature all-black looks including long coats as they each enjoyed a smoke break with their men. 

As for her personal life, Ashley has been dating artist Louis Eisner, 30, for two years and is recently rumored to have got engaged.   

Don’t take my money! The multi millionaire has also asked that their prenuptial agreement be enforced, according to the site. Seen in 2016

She loves horse shows: In May 2019 she was seen in Madrid with Olivier and Marta Ortega (R) during Madrid-Longines Champions, the International Global Champions Tour at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid 

Fame came early for the Olsen twins.

At a year old, the two were cast to share the role of Michelle Tanner in the sitcom Full House that premiered in 1987.

After the show ended in 1995, they continued to star in TV movies and direct-to-video releases.

They became household names with a string of products marketed with their names and likenesses including dolls, perfume, clothes and books. 

In 2012, they announced their retirement from acting to focus on fashion and now run the successful brands The Row and Elizabeth And James.

Solo: She was not with her man in late November in NYC; seen with Brooke Garber Neidich

Ashley and Mary-Kate maintain a discreet veil over their lives and rarely make public red carpet appearances, instead preferring to express themselves through their designs and products.

‘This is the way we chose to move forward in our lives: to not be in the spotlight, to really have something that speaks for itself,’ Mary-Kate told Vogue Australia last month. 

‘There is a lot of pressure we put on ourselves,’ she added. ‘If you want things to be perfect or beautiful, it’s a lot of hard work… Nothing comes easy. That’s just the way we were raised; that’s what we believe is necessary to do something different.’ 

Sister act: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at CFDA awards in June 2019 in New York City

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