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The Realme X50 Pro Player Edition (aka “Blade Runner”) is official, will launch on May 25, 2020 –

A new promo for the Realme 'Blade Runner'. (Source: Weibo)
A new promo for the Realme ‘Blade Runner’. (Source: Weibo)

Recently, a new Realme phone this OEM had dubbed “Blade Runner” surfaced in some official leaks. Other rumors pointed to its being called the X50 Pro Player Edition on its launch. Its maker has confirmed that this is the case, and that it will be one of several new devices that will make their debut soon.

For some time, Realme has been projected to have 3 new phones in the works: the RMX2142, RMX2086, and RMX2072. It was possible that this last model number corresponded to a new X3 Pro model. However, it is now much more likely to be the X50 Pro Player Edition.

The OEM has just confirmed that this phone does in fact exist, and is one of the products to launch during a May 25, 2020 event. This phone (presuming it really is the RMX2072) has also reportedly been certified by the Chinese bodies TENAA and MIIT, showing that, like the rest of the X50 series, it is to be a 5G phone.

Besides this, not much is known about “Blade Runner’s” specs. However, it is abundantly clear from its name that it is to be a gaming-focused variant of the original X50 Pro. Therefore, goodies such as a high display refresh rate, top-end RAM and fast flash storage may be in the offing for this device.

Realme has stoked this line of speculation by announcing (through the medium of Google Translate, at least) that the X50 Pro Player Edition is set to be a “speed king” and a “performance leapfrog“. Then again, a new leak asserts it will have more or less the same specs as the existing model, 90 hertz refresh rate included.

It is also apparently to start at 3299 yuan (~US$465) for an 8GB RAM/128GB internal storage SKU, despite the fact the X50 Pro has a 12GB RAM option. This leak also points to a depreciated 48+8+2+2MP rear camera set-up in the Player Edition. It will, at least, get a new and shiny metallic silver back panel, rather than the atypical and muted shades of red or green found in its template.

This new version of the X50 Pro is set to launch alongside a raft of accessories that may range from wireless earbuds to TVs.

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