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McEnany to Reporters: For Three Years You All Talked About Collusion And There Was None – RealClearPolitics

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany at Friday’s press briefing:

MCENANY: I also find it interesting if we want to start talking about the fabrication of crimes we can litigate that case pretty publicly with James Clapper who said what President Trump did with Russia pales–that Watergate pales in comparison we can talk about lying and saying President Trump was working on behalf of the Russians. We can talk about Hakeem Jeffries lying and saying the President was a Russian asset. We can talk about shifts saying there was ample evidence of collusion in plain sight when in fact there was not.

We can talk about Mark Warner saying there is enormous amounts of evidence of collusion. We can talk about a CNN historian who said there was a smell of treason in the Trump Russia probe when in fact for three years you all talked about collusion and there was none and it was a huge injustice not just to this administration but to the American people who deserve truth not the alleging of absolutely false allegations against this President.

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