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Prominent researcher of jihadi groups shot dead in Baghdad – CNN

(CNN)A prominent Iraqi expert on jihadi groups in the Middle East, including ISIS, was shot dead by unknown gunmen late Monday in front of his home in central Baghdad, media director of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Maan, told CNN.

Hisham al-Hashimi, 47, appeared frequently on local and foreign media outlets as an analyst, especially during Iraq’s battle against ISIS.
He was also an expert voice on Iraqi politics and Shiite extremist groups and had served as an adviser to previous Iraqi governments
Al-Hashimi died in Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital in Baghdad after he was seriously wounded during the attack, Maan said.
The motive behind his assassination is so far unclear, but similar targeted killings were frequent during the height of Iraq’s sectarian war.
Al-Hashimi was a vocal critic of Iraq’s political elite and discussed corruption in the country on his social media accounts. He appeared to have tweeted moments before he was killed, in a post about the sectarian and ethnic divisions in Iraqi politics.
News of his death shocked many in the Middle East and beyond.
The European Union’s Ambassador to Iraq Martin Huth tweeted: “Together with his family and friends, we mourn the death of Dr Husham Al-Hashimi. The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be brought to justice!”
The UK’s Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Hickey tweeted “Devastated and deeply saddened by the news of the killing of Husham Al Hashimi. Iraq has lost one of its very best- a thoughtful and brave man. These attacks cannot continue. The government — supported by the international community — must hold the perpetrators to account.”

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Coronavirus researcher

Army researcher: Coronavirus vaccine may be available by end of year – Fox News

A senior Army researcher said Tuesday that a coronavirus vaccine could possibly be available to some parts of the United States within the year.

Col. Wendy Sammons-Jackson, director of the Military Infectious Disease Research Program, told reporters at a Pentagon briefing that it was “reasonable to expect that there will be some form of a vaccine.”


Earlier this month, President Trump announced a public-private partnership to develop a COVID-19 vaccine by year-end in what is being called “Operation Warp Speed.” Biotech company Moderna reached a significant milestone last month when it announced that its potential COVID-19 vaccine produced antibodies in all 45 participants in a trial.

Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad, another researcher, said scientists were learning about the virus at a faster pace than other infectious diseases in the past.

“So, going to a vaccine in a matter of months, from concept all the way to Phase Three clinical trials and potentially licensure is unprecedented,” he said. “But in this case I think very much is possible.”


The federal government is working with international companies to develop anti-body drugs, officials said. The military plans to test its own vaccine sometime in the late summer, Reuters reported.

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