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Skull Session: Every Big Ten Athletic Director Wanted a Fall Season, Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson Wants “One – Eleven Warriors

Let’s start out the week right.

Behold, J.K. Dobbins:

J.K. Dobbins caught this.

— Jonas Shaffer (@jonas_shaffer) August 23, 2020

Word of the Day: Aberrant.

 THE ADs WANTED TO PLAY. It makes sense that the Big Ten’s decision to ax its fall athletic season went against the wishes of every single athletic director in the conference. It also makes sense that Gene Smith was one of the strongest proponents for playing a fall season.

But it doesn’t make sense that Kevin Warren – who was notoriously in favor of moving the season to the spring early on – put himself in the position to represent those athletic directors in talks with the presidents.

… presidents and chancellors weren’t in the same Zoom meetings as athletic directors. Athletic directors weren’t in the same Zoom meetings as medical personnel, either. Seasoned athletic veterans like Moos, Wisconsin’s Barry Alvarez, Penn State’s Sandy Barbour and Ohio State’s Gene Smith were left out of key discussions that shaped the league’s decisions.

Instead, first-year Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren was in those meetings as the athletic directors’ voice.

Warren was aware, for example, that every Big Ten athletic director was in favor of playing a fall football season. Moos said he, Ohio State’s, Penn State’s and Michigan’s A.D.s pushed hardest, but there was unanimous agreement, Moos said, in wanting to play.

“He knew where we were coming from, and he was the messenger to the presidents and chancellors,” Moos said.

Nebraska temporarily lost a lot in the Big Ten’s decision. Ohio State may have lost even more.

“I think Ohio State had a chance to win the national championship,” Moos said. “Gene (Smith) even said, ‘I’m going to cut to the chase: I’ve got a national championship contender here.’ And they’re not going to get to do that now. I don’t know if their fans were as adamant about the season; I’m going to guess they were.

“I see where he’s coming from, and he was an ally with us in really hammering home playing a fall season and how things came down, and all that. He continues to be.”

So basically, Warren made what might be the biggest single decision in the history of the Big Ten conference without even allowing everybody to communicate with each other in one conversation. Cool, cool, cool.

And if you weren’t yet to the point of wondering how in the hell this fellow landed this job in the first place, this will probably get you there:

@TeddyGreenstein says Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren told him he did not think the decision to postpone football would be scrutinized as much as it has been. “It was completely mishandled. It was botched. Kevin and I talked the other day and he agreed.

— Paul Finebaum (@finebaum) August 21, 2020

Regardless of his decision or even any of the botched communication and transparency, the fact that he was blissfully unaware that midwesterners value college football more than their own wellbeing should be a fireable offense. You can’t represent a customer base you don’t even know.

 “ONE MORE SHOT.” Michigan junior defensive end Aidan Hutchinson is 0-2 against Ohio State and has seen his team give up 118 combined points in just two games.

And now he’s out here feigning sadness that he doesn’t get to face that juggernaut again this year.

“One more. One more. I just want one more shot at them. You know, Ryan Day, Justin Fields, I saw their quotes on Twitter about not knocking the brakes off of us. You don’t know how much that riles me up and I’m just, I want to I need to play them one more time. But, you know, it’s out of my hands whether I can or not. So, I’m just I’m hoping and praying that that I got one more shot at them.”

The good news is, the season is postponed but the rivalry isn’t canceled. I don’t know when, and I don’t know who’s going to be the quarterback, but you’ll get your curb-stomping, just be patient.

 “YOU BETTER CALL THE REALTOR.” There are a few people you simply don’t say “no” to, and the legendary Earle Burce was one of them, which is the reason why Tony Alford is currently employed at Ohio State.

Man @CoachTonyAlford had us in stitches on how he ended up at @OhioStateFB with this legendary Earle Bruce story

Full interview with Coach Alford on The Pilot Boys Podcast here: #OhioState #CollegeFootball #NotreDame

— The Pilot Boys Podcast (@pilotboyspod) August 21, 2020

I’ve been married for less than two months, but I call already say that giving a football coach more sway in your life than your wife is a bold, bold move, Tony. But hey, I guess it worked out well for both of you.

 FUTURE RAIDERS LEGEND. Cardale Jones’ NFL journey ain’t over just yet!

And heres todays tryout/visit list. Ex-Ohio State QB Cardale Jones and ex-Lions RB Theo Riddick worked out for Vegas.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) August 23, 2020

Cardale Jones and Damon Arnette on one roster? I never knew I needed this so badly.

 SONG OF THE DAY. “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal.

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