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In pictures: Last supermoon of 2020 rises on a world grappling to overcome pandemic –

The supermoon appears large in the sky owing to the coincidence of its closest approach to the earth with a full moon.

The last supermoon of 2020 rose in the sky on Thursday as cities around the world begin to gradually open up and move past the novel coronavirus pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands worldwide and driven the global economy into a downturn.

The supermoon, also known as the Flower Moon, is visible as the full moon coincides with the satellite in its closest approach to Earth, which makes it appear brighter and larger than other full moons.

The full moon, also known as Supermoon or Flower Moon, is pictured in Cairo, Egypt, May 7. — Reuters
The full moon, also known as the Supermoon or Flower Moon, rises behind the silhouetted crescent monument of a mosque during Ramazan in Karachi, May 7. — Reuters
May’s full moon sets behind the Statue of Liberty on May 7 in New York City. — AFP
The full moon rises next to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. — Reuters
The Flower Supermoon rises over Curitiba, Brazil on May 7. — AFP
The full moon rises over a fountain in New Delhi, India. — Reuters
The full moon rises above the Kathmandu Valley in Kathmandu, Nepal. — Reuters
The full moon rises next to Tokyo Skytree which is displaying a message reading “Together we can all win” and illuminated in blue to honour first responders and essential workers as the outbreak of the coronavirus continues, in Tokyo, Japan. — Reuters
A foal stands in its paddock at a stud farm in Wehrheim near Frankfurt, Germany, as the full moon sets Thursday. — AP
The full moon sets behind trees in the Taunus region near Frankfurt, Germany, Thursday. — AP

Header image: The full moon rises above the Camlica Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, May 7. — Reuters

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