Short timer

Short timer: Half of Democrats don’t think Biden will serve all four years – Washington Examiner

A majority of voters, including half of Democrats, do not think that 77-year-old Democrat Joe Biden will serve all four years as president, putting added pressure on who he plans to choose as vice president, and potential successor, according to a new survey.

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, 59% of likely voters believe Biden’s vice president will take over in his first term if he’s elected in November.

And that includes 49% of Democrats, said the survey, backing up others that have found many in the party don’t care who is elected as long as it’s not President Trump.

“Most voters think it’s likely that person will be president within the next four years if Biden is elected in November,” said the survey analysis.

Just over half of voters continue to say they’re likely to vote against Trump this fall, and a sizable majority of those voters don’t seem to care who runs against him, said Rasmussen.

The survey did not indicate or ask likely voters what they expect to happen that would push a President Biden from office, elevating his vice presidential pick. There have been other surveys, however, suggesting that some voters believe the former vice president has cognitive issues.

Questions about Biden have put a special focus on his pick for a running mate, which he has limited to women only. Black leaders are pressuring Biden to pick an African American woman.

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